SleepPro Easifit vs SleepPro custom
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Comparing SleepPro Easifit and SleepPro Custom

If you are torn between SleepPro Easifit and SleepPro Custom an easy side-by-side comparison may make your decision a whole lot easier.

  • Material – Unfortunately, SleepPro has not actually confirmed if its mouthpieces contain BPA or latex. So, there is no way to know for sure just how safe it is to have in your mouth all night. That being said the material is smooth and nonirritating.
  • Fitting Process – SleepPro Easifit is molded using boil-and-bite technique at home. It takes only minutes to do. Heating the snoring mouthpiece in hot water makes it soft enough to bite into to create a mold of your mouth. SleepPro Custom gets made in a laboratory. You are sent two trays in a dental impression kit to make an impression of your upper and lower jaws. These get sent to the laboratory in a self-addressed envelope where your mouthpiece is made and sent back to you.
  • Breathing Hole – Both designs have front airflow holes that allow you to breathe through your mouth while you are sleeping. So, if you have sinus issues, nasal polyps, or a deviated septum these are mouthpieces you can wear.
  • Price – The biggest difference between the two mouthpieces is price. SleepPro Easifit is a budget-friendly mouthpiece priced at $44.95. SleepPro Custom is significantly more expensive at $229.95.
  • Warranty – SleepPro Easifit is backed by a 45-day warranty, not to be confused with the 30-day money back guarantee. SleepPro Custom has a very confusing warranty policy that seems to rely heavily on the amount of wear and tear present.
  • Longevity – One of the positive traits about these mouthpieces is they do seem to have a long lifespan, or at least, they are said to. SleepPro Easifit lifespan averages about one year while the Custom variety can last up to two years. If you grind your teeth the lifespan will be significantly shorter, which typically holds true for most MADs.
  • Comfort and Effectiveness – On the site, Easifit is labeled as being “very good” in the comfort category while Custom is “excellent.” I can’t speak for the Custom version because I haven’t tried it, but I will say that Easifit was one of the least comfortable devices I put to the test.

To learn more about SleepPro check out our full SleepPro mouthpiece review or try a SleepPro with a coupon code.

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