Snore Eliminator Pro Complaints
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4 Snore Eliminator Complaints

Snore Eliminator may have a low price that reels you in, but other than that there is not much going for this mouthpiece. You see terms like “hypoallergenic,” “nontoxic,” and “clinical research” on the site, but how much value do they really hold?

the snore eliminator pro deviceBelow are a few problems with this mandibular advancement device (MAD), you need to consider if you are thinking about trying any of the top-rated anti-snoring mouthpieces.

  1. Dangerous Health Claims – Numerous times on the site, you see mentioned that Snore Eliminator is an effective alternative to CPAP machines. No, it’s not. If you are or should be, using a CPAP machine for sleep apnea then only your sleep specialist can tell you how safe it would be to use this product. Not to mention, if you have central sleep apnea instead of obstructive sleep apnea, using anything other than what is prescribed could be extremely dangerous.
  2. Questionable Material – Most people may be convinced this product is safe by reading that it is made of a hypoallergenic material, but this tells you nothing. If it doesn’t say that it is BPA- or latex-free then chances are good that it isn’t.
  3. Bulky Design – Nothing about this oral appliance is comfortable. It has an extremely bulky design. Even after you customize it using the boil-and-bite method it is still very invasive.
  4. Claims of Clinical Research – The Snore Eliminator website states that there is significant clinical research supporting mandibular repositioning. The way it is worded leads the average person to believe that this research has been done to design this particular product. This is hardly the case. Clinical research has been done on the effectiveness of repositioning the lower jaw to stop snoring. This has nothing to do with this actual anti-snoring device.

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