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While there are sleep and snoring apps that work independent of any sleep aid, there are also some apps that work with a particular snoring device. These apps are meant to enhance the product’s features and provide you with a full suite of services.

The Nitetronic Nitelink2 free app was designed for use with the Nitetronic goodnite™ Anti-Snoring Pillow. The app monitors your sleep time, quality, and efficiency.

The App

The Nitetronic Nitelink2 app is software developed by Nitetronic Hong Kong Limited specifically for use with the Nitetronic goodgoodnitenite™ Anti-Snoring Pillow. The Nitetronic goodnite™ pillow is designed to gently inflate at night when it detects snoring. The inflation of the pillow changes your head position causing your snoring to either drop significantly or stop altogether.

Nitelink2 synchronizes with the Nitetronic goodnite™ pillow using Bluetooth technology to allow you to monitor your sleep time and quality. Nitelink2 records snoring rates by connecting with the sensors built into the Nitetronic goodnite™ pillow.

The app is available in the 11 languages: English, Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, and Traditional Chinese.

Google Play and iTunes have this free app available for download.




If you are interested in apps that record and detect snoring that are "standalone" and do not require a pillow to work, take a look at SnoreLab, SnoreClock or search your app store for "snore recording".

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