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The Makers Behind Snore Guard

Snore Guard emerged onto the scene in 1989, and since then has continuously fought to compete in a saturated industry. However, its length of time established has always been a strong selling point for the snoring mouth guard. There are a ton of snoring products that come and go, so for one to stand the test of time, you would assume it has a lot to offer.

Snore Guard CompanySnore Guard is manufactured by Ranir LLC, a global manufacturer of oral care products. Ranir markets its products as tools to help you live a healthy life.

Ranir was founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan, back in 1979. Its primary focus back then was dental floss and toothbrushes. Corporate headquarters was opened in 1994, and the business really took off.

In 2003, Ranir was the first store brand manufacturer to begin selling teeth whitening products. At this time the company also began manufacturing bruxism devices, cold sore treatments, interdental brushes, and flossers.

The company acquired Placontrol Inc. in 2009. Placontrol had been the first to sell retail flossers. In 2010, Rainer acquired Synpart, which was a popular oral care supplier in some European countries. The deal included a China-based factor, which helped the company begin its quest of building a global presence.

As the company grew, medical devices became a stronger focus. Rainer acquired quality certifications with Health Canada and Consortium.


Snore Guard may not be a great mouthpiece, but it is the reputation of the company that constantly manages to attract new customers. Ranir is committed to running a sustainable company that preserves and respects the environment. Its sustainability goals include energy efficiency, water reduction and management, water use and management, transportation management, air quality, and sustainable product design criteria.  Learn more about Snore Guard in my full Snore Guard mouthpiece review.

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