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Fitting and Adjusting SnoreRx

The biggest attraction to SnoreRx Plus is its high level of customization (full review here). Not only do you fit the lower and upper trays to your teeth; you are also able to adjust the lower jaw placement by using 10 different settings that are each 1 millimeter apart. As exciting as this is, some […]

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SnoreRx: Custom Impression Benefits

The customization and adjustability factors are probably what attracted you to SnoreRx in the first place. You have likely read or been told that these features are beneficial, but do you really understand what makes them so great? Below are a few benefits you can look forward to from these two characteristics. Custom Impression Using […]

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A Closer Look at the Features that Make SnoreRx Special

Most highly customizable stop snoring mouthpieces require a prescription from a dentist or sleep specialist. Not only does SnoreRx offer maximum adjustability; it boasts many other unique features, too. Below is an overview of all the qualities that makes this such a popular snoring mouthpiece. Flex-Jaw - This feature is what SnoreRx is primarily known […]

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SnoreRx Discount Coupon Codes

Update: SnoreRx has provided a link that automatically places my coupon code in your cart. It should take off as much as 15% which you will see after completing the 1st page of the checkout. Exclusive SnoreRx Coupon, courtesy of SnoringHQ. Our┬ápromo codes are available to make sure you get a great deal on an […]

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Zyppah vs SnoreRx

Both of these snoring mouth guards are classified as MADs (mandibular advancement devices), though the Zyppah is more of a hybrid device. In my mind, both units are excellent options. However, SnoreRx has the edge over Zyppah due to its calibration functionality, comfort and superior customer service. Zyppah and SnoreRx Mouthpieces Compared Though I did […]

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SnoreRx Review - New August 2018 Model

I have used SnoreRx for several years, and it continues to be my favorite Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD). When I heard about the new model for 2018, my first reaction was excitement that this mouth guard would be redesigned and interested to see the features. Although I was comfortable with the status quo, I wanted […]

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