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6 Best Anti Snoring Devices

Millions of people all over the world suffer from snoring problems, and it affects both children and adults. Typically, snoring is caused by a narrowing of the airway as you sleep. And while there is no cure to fully eliminate the causes of snoring, there are some devices that will provide an adequate remedy. Here are the 6 best anti-snoring devices that are on the market, and each will help you get a peaceful night’s sleep.


One of the top products that prevent snoring is the SnoreRx system. SnoreRx is a mouthpiece that is worn when sleeping. The SnoreRx mouthpiece works by moving the lower jaw forward, but only slightly, so that it does not cause any discomfort. Moving the jaw causes the airway to remain open while you sleep, which allows for the easy passage of air. Perhaps, the most prominent feature of the SnoreRx mouthpiece is its ability to be adjusted in millimeter increments, so that it will fit comfortably in any jaw. This high level of adjustment is achieved without any metal parts so that the mouthpiece will not be susceptible to rust and corrosion.


The ZQuiet anti-snoring device is a mouthpiece that has been specially designed to provide users with a snore-free night of sleep. ZQuiet works by eliminating the vibrations of air as it makes its way through your airways. This vibration is largely responsible for the noise that is attributed to snoring. Unlike some devices, which implement the use of a rigid mouthpiece, the ZQuiet is made from a soft rubber like material that conforms to the contour of your mouth. This product was designed by a dentist and has to be approved by the FDA, therefore you know this is a product that can be counted on.

Good Morning Snore Solution

Just as the name suggests, the Good Morning Snore Solution will ensure you get a good night’s sleep, so you are well rested for the coming day. The Good Morning Snore Solution offers a different approach to stop snoring than other common remedies. This system works by using the power of suction to pull on the tongue, which in turn, helps to keep the airway clear by keeping the tongue stationary. Having a device pulling on your tongue all night may sound uncomfortable, however, the designers have gone to great lengths to ensure the Good Morning Snore Solution is as gentle on the tongue as possible.


While it is true that most anti-snoring mouthpieces are far from fashionable, the developers of the Zyppah mouthpiece have made a product that is as visually appealing as any similar device. This device comes in an attractive color scheme that adds an element that other anti-snore devices lack. Known for its hybrid design, the Zyppah incorporates two methods of operation to prevent users from snoring. The Zyppah holds the jaw in a forward position like other anti-snoring mouthpieces and also helps keep the tongue stationary. In addition, the mouthpiece has a hole that allows the wearer to breathe through their mouth while sleeping.


Similar to other anti-snoring devices, the AirSnore works by keeping the upper airway clear while you sleep. Not only does the AirSnore prevent users from snoring, but it also makes it possible to breathe easier. To increase the effectiveness of their anti-snore system, AirSnore has developed AirSnore Drops, which are specially formulated natural oils from sunflower seeds and eucalyptus leaves. Taken before bed, these drops will help you fall asleep more quickly.


Preferred by many hospitals, the Therasnore anti-snore mouthguard has been a leader in the industry for over a decade. This product is particularly durable, with an average lifespan of more than two years, so you know you will get your money’s worth. Therasnore is the most widely used anti-snoring device. To make this mouthpiece even more adaptable, Therasnore has built this product to be fully-adjustable, including 5 different sizes that are sure to fit any mouth.

Final Thoughts
There is no doubt that problems associated with snoring affect many of us. However, as technology shows signs of progress and more anti-snoring solutions become available, these issues will steadily decrease. If you suffer from snoring related issues, consider using an anti-snoring mouthpiece, such as the SnoreRx, ZQuiet, or the Zyppah.

Consider the Good Morning Snore Solution or AirSnore, as these devices differ from standard solutions by using tongue suction and natural anti-snore drops. Making use of any of these anti-snoring devices could provide you and your partner with the peaceful night of sleep.

Mark Walton
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