With so many fantastic anti snoring mouthpieces – mandibular advancement devices (MADs) and tongue-retaining devices – on the market today it is hard to understand why anyone would spend over $100 on a product that simply does not measure up to its competition?

Many people assume that a mouthpiece is going to be great because it is popular online or it has a higher price tag. What you should know is that these things have nothing to do with how effective a mouthpiece is.

In fact, some of the more affordably priced ones are my favorites for unique reasons. Below are a few reasons I would avoid ProSnore.

  1. Questionable Material – Since words like “BPA-free” and “latex-free” are not included in any descriptions, one can only believe these devices are not made from a safe material.
  2. Slow Fitting Process – ProSnore gets shipped fairly quickly, but don’t let this give you false hope. It takes several weeks for the product to be fitted and returned to you.
  3. No Clearance – The United States Food and Drug Administration has never signed off on this product being proven to be safe and effective. If it was really designed by a dentist, would he have pushed for the clearance?
  4. Lack of Breathing Holes – ProSnore II does have holes to let you breathe through your mouth, but the original ProSnore doesn’t. So anyone who needs to breathe through their mouth would not be a good candidate for the original.
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