SnoreRx Returns And Refunds

SnoreRx has one of the best return policies I’ve seen for anti-snore devices. Unlike other “try-and-buy”, or free trial products, customers need not worry about hidden fees.

SnoreRx provides you with 30 days to return the device. They make it convenient:

  1. No RMA # needed, simply write your order number on the package.
  2. 30-day return window.
  3. You can return the device even if it is “custom-molded”.
  4. No handling fees.
  5. Customer service always available by phone or email.

You do have to cover the shipping when returning the device.

Steps to returning the device:

No RMA# needed.
Simply write your order number (found on the receipt or in your email) on the return package in large black letters.

30-Day Window
Make sure post-marked date your shipping package is 30 days or less from your original order date.  No returns after 30 days are accepted.    No credit card disputes or chargebacks after 30 days will be accepted.

Returning A Custom-Molded SnoreRx
If you have completed your SnoreRx custom mold, the device is still eligible for a refund.

If you have not completed your custom mold, follow the instructions included to do this before trying the device.

No Handling Fees
There is no cost to return the SnoreRx besides postal shipping fees.

Customer Service
[email protected]

Return Address

Apnea Sciences Corp (Attn: Returns)
27121 Aliso Creek Road, Bldg# 140
Aliso Viejo CA 92656

For my full review of the SnoreRx mouthpiece, go here.

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