Good Morning Snore Solution vs Stop Snoring Today Chinstrap
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Stop Snoring Today vs. Good Morning Snore Solution

Comparing Stop Snoring Today to Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) may seem unusual to some. However, I have found that a lot of folks who decide to try a chin strap do so because they already tried a mouthpiece and did not like the feel of something in their mouth. Since GMSS does not take up room in the mouth it is a smart alternative some people may want to try.


Stop Snoring Today is a chin strap that is designed to hold your jaw forward. This keeps the airway clear of obstruction. It wraps around the chin and crown of the head and has holes for the ears.

GMSS is a tongue stabilizing device. It also is designed to keep your airway free of obstruction, but it takes a little different approach. On one end is a bulb that suctions to the tip of your tongue. At the other end is a piece of soft material that rests between your outer teeth and inner lips. Instead of forcing your jaw forward it holds your tongue forward instead. This still prevents relaxed tissues from collapsing into your throat.


Stop Snoring Today costs $99.95 for two devices. As of October 25, 2018 Good Morning Snore Solution is $104.94 for a single and $144.94 for a bundle pack.   Shipping is around $10, and it is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. You actually have 45 days to return it, so you can try it for a full 30 days before making your decision.


Chin straps are generally deemed pretty safe, but it should be noted that Stop Snoring Today has not been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration. GMSS has been cleared by the FDA, as well as Canada’s Therapeutic Products Doctorate and the Australian Department of Health and Aging.


It is unclear how long Stop Snoring Today will last. However, I will say that it seemed very well made when I put it to the test. I imagine its lifespan would reflect the user and the number of times it gets washed. GMSS has an expected lifespan of at least one year. Many people report wearing their device significantly longer.

Ideal Candidate

Since neither device goes in your mouth, they can be worn by individuals with dentures or dental work. This makes them both attractive options to those who are not a good match for a mandibular advancement device. However, you do need to be able to breathe through your nose to wear them. This makes them not a suitable option for individuals with nasal polyps, sinus issues, or a deviated septum.

Comfort and Effectiveness

I put these products to the test and they both successfully stopped my snoring. That being said, one was comfortable and effortless to wear, but the other was the exact opposite. I found GMSS to be extremely comfortable. It has to be my favorite stop snoring device that I wear nightly now that my trials are done.

Stop Snoring Today was awful to wear. Does that mean it will be awful for you? Absolutely not. If you have an average size head this chin strap may be fine for you. It was far too small for my head, even with the adjustable straps on the largest setting. It gave me a headache for four days straight until I couldn’t wear it anymore.

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