The Maker Behind Ripsnore

Australia-native, David Campbell, is the mind behind Ripsnore. His family has quite a long and respected history in the dental industry.

His mother was a dentist and his grandfather once operated Australia’s largest dental supply company. However, Campbell does not have any dental-related history or education. Campbell was an engineer with a serious snoring problem.

He wanted to do something to solve his problem, which would ultimately help others, as well. So, he turned to his experienced dental family for help. His wife named the anti-snoring device.

Ripsnore LogoSince the company’s beginning in 2009 the device has become available in an increasing number of areas. It was originally only available to Australia and New Zealand, where it was created and made available for pharmacies and chemists. Now, it sells online in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Today, Campbell is listed as the Director for this company. He has a small staff consisting of 10 core members, along with local suppliers and representatives.  Learn more about this anti-snoring mouthpiece by reading my Ripsnore review.

Mark Walton

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