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SleepTight Mouthpiece did not necessarily blow me away, but it didn't disappoint me either. If I didn't have other anti snoring mouthpieces that had already really impressed me this one may have landed closer to my list of favorites. I like it, especially since I was able to try it for $10.

It is a moderately priced mandibular advancement device (MAD) that I found to be quite useful. It is not insanely comfortable (what MAD is), but I certainly was not counting the days to get the trial done either.

Video of the SleepTight Anti-Snore Device

Advantages of SleepTight Mouthpiece

 SleepTight Mouthpiece Complaints

What is SleepTight Mouthpiece?

SleepTight Mouthpiece is a MAD that can be custom-fitted in the privacy of your home. It is designed to hold the lower jaw in a forward position, thereby keeping the airway free of obstruction.

This device has a hard exterior and an inner core of material that gets softened to create a mold of your jaw. So, it if it's tight to stay in place, but its strong exterior makes it extra durable. This mouthpiece features an air hole that measures 6 millimeters, so it is plenty large enough to allow enough oxygen to pass through for mouth breathers, but it is not so large that it forces your mouth to remain in an uncomfortable position all night.

SleepTight snoring mouthpiece was designed by a dentist. It is manufactured in the United Kingdom and cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration. It can be refitted up to four or five times, and it has a longer than average lifespan of six months to two years.

Those used by individuals who grind their teeth or clench their jaw in their sleep see the shorter lifespan. Unlike other MADs that can't be worn with any dentures, SleepTight Mouthpiece can be worn with partial dentures. As long as you have some upper and lower teeth, this oral appliance may work for you.

How SleepTight Mouthpiece Works

Let's Talk Price

The Sleep Tight Mouthpiece is $69.95, but you don't have to pay that upfront. One of the reasons I even decided to give this mouthpiece a try was because I only had to pay $9.95 per device (bought one for my wife, too) upfront. Then, you get 30 days from the time the device ships to give it a try.

If you like it, your card will be charged $59.95 after 30 days. If it's not for you, you can return the device, and your card will not be charged. So, you could technically look at it as the device costing $59.95 and shipping and handling being the $9.95 you pay upfront. Either way, you look at it; it's a pretty good deal.

My Experience


Obviously, the first thing I liked about my experience with SleepTight Mouthpiece is that I only had to pay $20 to order two. I did end up having the full amount charged to my card 30 days later, though, but the low upfront fee was nice.

When they arrived, I cleaned them, and we did the boil-and-bite method to fit them. The fitting process was simple; we both achieved a good fit the first time. I like that they felt snug, but like I said earlier, I just was not overly excited about it. It is not too bulky or uncomfortable, but I just never had a "Hey, I really like this mouthpiece!" moment.

When I put it in for the night, I was instantly drooling, which is common when I start using a new device. I was aware of it in my mouth, but I was not aching to take it out. I fell asleep rather quickly.

The next morning, I felt energetic, so I knew I had not snored. I felt like I really had a good night's sleep. My wife was already up making breakfast before I got out of bed. She was pleased, too. She also said she liked it but didn't necessarily love it. On the other hand, our teenage son who was up late studying for finals loved the mouthpiece because he said we did not snore all night. My mouth was a little sore, but by the fourth day, I had gotten used to it and was no longer bothered by its presence.

The rest of the trial went the same as the first night. We found SleepTight Mouthpiece to be an effective snoring solution.


Comfort 4.3
Durability 4.0
Easy to Clean 4.0
Effectiveness 4.5
Overall 4.2

Is SleepTight Mouthpiece for You?

I found SleepTight Mouthpiece to be an effective snoring solution (Click here for the best SleepTight offer). It fits well, and it's not overly bulky. I really like that I did not have to pay the full amount to try it.

If you are looking for a MAD in this price range, I would also consider ZQuiet, SnoreRx, or Zyppah. ZQuiet also offers the same option of only paying for shipping upfront, so you can try it for 30 days before you buy it. It is a flexible mouthpiece that happens to be one of my favorites. If the mouth guards/devices are not giving you the results you want (you must give them time so you can adjust), I suggest trying a TRD such as Good Morning Snore Solution.

Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) is a product that I ran across online, but based on appearance alone, I simply was not interested.

Good Morning Snore Solution Reviews

Good Morning Snore Solution

After a few months, I noticed that it was becoming increasingly popular (See how Good Morning Snore Solution compares to other anti snoring mouthpieces HERE). However, at that time, I had already settled on another mouthpiece as being my number one choice. Read our updated SnoreRx review.

A few more months passed, and my wife asked if I had heard about Good Morning Snore Solution. I told her I read about it a long time ago, but I just didn't add it to my list because it didn't look like a mouthpiece, so I didn't see how it would work like one.

We got online together and discovered that Good Morning Snore Solution doesn't look like an MAD because it's not one. It is a tongue retaining device (TRD), so it does not even go in your mouth. I still was not convinced, but she wanted to try it, so the phrase "happy wife, happy life" came to mind. I ordered one for both of us that night.



See how Good Morning Snore Solution compares to other snoring mouthpieces HERE.

How is Good Morning Snore Solution different?


Good Morning Snore Solution is a TRD

Unlike other mouthpieces, GMSS is not a mandibular advancement device. MADs sit in your mouth, like a mouth guard you would wear for sports.

They hold your jaw in a slightly forward position to keep your airway clear (this is an uncomfortable feeling for most of the products I tried). GMSS is completely different.

Good Morning Snore Solution is actually classified as a tongue retaining device (TRD). So, rather than hold your jaw forward, it works by holding your tongue forward. It basically delivers the same results, but takes a different approach.

how good morning snore solution works

GMSS holds the tongue forward

Hold the tongue forward?

GMSS has a suction bulb that attaches to the very tip of your tongue. The rest of the device rests between your inner lips and outer teeth. The concept will likely remind you of a pacifier, but there is only a small bulb that can be seen, when your mouth is closed.

Since the suction keeps your tongue held in a forward position, it can't collapse back into your throat when you fall asleep. This keeps the airway clear and reduces the risk of soft tissues vibrating against one another to make my infamous snoring sound.

After dealing with a mouthful of plastic for years, this little solution seemed a little too good to be true.

My Personal Experience


I ordered two GMSS devices: one for me and one for my wife. She has tested every mouthpiece with me, and helped me write this Good Morning Snore Solution review. Between the two of us, she is the louder snorer.  I'm sure of it! My teenage son tends to disagree, but I'm sure she has bribed him multiple times through the years to say so.

Anyway, when they arrived, I cleaned both devices using Polident denture cleaners sent, so they would be ready for us later. I have to admit, I did play around with it a bit to get the hang of attaching it to my tongue, even though my wife made me swear I would wait for her to get home. Guess she'll know now, if she reads this!

On the first night, we laughed a lot trying to attach it in place. Not that it is hard to attach by any means, but the simplistic design just had us both a little hysterical. Did we really think this thing was going to work.

All you have to do to get it to fit is squeeze the bulb and touch it to the end of your tongue.  As you release the bulb it creates suction.

The first thing we both noticed is that it is very comfortable. I immediately loved that there was nothing actually in my mouth taking up space. It felt a little weird attached to my tongue, but definitely not uncomfortable.

My first night I thought I may have made the suction a little too tight, but I left it anyway. I figured I would try a looser fit the next night.  Although I was saying this was not going to work, in the back of my mind, I was really hoping it would because I was already in love with the design.

I didn't even have drool running down my chin like I usually do when my mouth has to get used to another device. It was effortless to wear.

Initial Reaction: Good sleep - but some growing pains

The next morning, I awoke before my alarm. I was literally wide awake, full of energy, and ready to tackle the day. I'm usually so tired and drained in the morning after a night of heavy snoring, so I knew I had slept well. However, my tongue was pretty sore.

I expected to feel a little soreness while my tongue got used to having something attached to it, but this was sorer than I expected. I should have listened to my instinct and loosened the device a little, but I didn't.  I went online to re-read some other reviews, and saw that a number of people had mentioned a similar soreness issue, especially on the first night as they were getting used to it.  I made a mental note to make sure it would be looser on the second night.

I joined my wife in the kitchen, and she had a big smile. She had slept as well as I did. She even said she didn't hear one peep from me when she went to let the dog out in the middle of the night (we have a senior dog that needs a mid-night bathroom break).

She also said that before our son left for his morning track practice, he told her he didn't hear any snoring from either of us all night. Okay, so we were both ecstatic, but it was only one night. We had been disappointed by mouthpieces in the past that did not maintain their effectiveness.

During the following week I attached it much more loosely. In fact, it was so loose I thought it would probably fall off, but surprisingly, it didn't. The next morning I awoke after sleeping the whole night through again. My tongue was still sore, but not nearly as sore it was the previous morning. Actually, by the fourth morning, I made it halfway through breakfast before I realized it wasn't sore at all.

Usually, when we do a trial on a new device, it is for either 7 or 14 days. Our trial never ended with this one - it's not perfect, but it's been the best solution for both of us so far.

Good Morning Snore Solution

Comfort 4.5
Durability 3.5
Easy to Clean 5.0
Effectiveness 5.0
Overall 4.5

Video Review & Demonstration


Who Can Wear Good Morning Snore Solution?

The company's site says that it can be worn by a wide range of people. Many mouthpieces can't be worn if you have dental crowns, bridges, or caps (I don't have these issues). Plus, the design of an MAD makes it impossible to wear with dentures or loose or weak teeth.

Since Good Morning Snore Solution isn't an MAD and does not sit in your mouth, it can be worn in all above mentioned scenarios.  For the same reason, you don't need a prescription, and you don't need to buy it from your dentist (if they even have it available).

It is also perfect if you simply can't get used to having a dental appliance in your mouth. Some people just don't deal with the sensation of a full mouth - it's a feeling I got used to with other mouthpieces, but certainly never enjoyed. If this sounds like you, then you will probably like the unique design of this tongue retaining device.

Who is Not a Good Candidate?

You have to breathe through your nose to wear Good Morning Snore Solution. So, if you have nasal polyps, a deviated septum, or some type of nose injury that doesn't permit this then you are probably a better fit for other mouthpieces.

In this case, I would recommend ZQuiet. It was my number one pick for a long time before I started wearing the GMSS. Although a traditional mouthpiece, it is super flexible and soft. It has Living Hinge Technology, which provides maximum flexibility. So, you can literally talk and even sip water while wearing it.

I actually still wear my ZQuiet when my allergies are bothering me or if I have a cold. So even if Good Morning Snore Solution ends up being your preferred choice, it would not hurt to have ZQuiet as a backup.

Let's Talk Price

Good Morning Snore solution costs a little more than some options, but if you buy two the price is in-line with many other products. As of July 30, 2019 Good Morning Snore Solution is $89.94 for a single and $129.94 for a bundle pack.

So, if you have another snorer in your home or a friend wants to try it too, you definitely get a better deal buying two. You can even just get both for yourself, so you have a backup. You know, in case the dog steals it off the nightstand to bury in the backyard.

Surely these events don't only take place in my house!  Really you'll only need one though - they are very easy to clean, and it should last a long while (standard time is ~1 year).

Note you'll also pay extra for shipping - I think around $10 in the US.  I think they sell in other countries as well, not sure how shipping cost works there.  If you want it expedited, shipping price is around $30.

Update: From time to time Good Morning Snoring Solution provides us with exclusive coupon codes that we can offer to our audience and subscribers. When the promotions are running they will be posted here.<!--

SAVE 15% Coupon (15% OFF all products)Coupon code: "SNORINGHQ"
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Get the best deal on the Good Morning Snore Solution TRD

Also, Good Morning Snore Solution has a 30-day money-back guarantee. The fact that there's no risk is one of the reasons I didn't argue when my wife wanted to try it (and because she's especially scary after a night of listening to me snore).

If you decide it's not for you then you just have to request a return authorization number. Then, you still have another 15 days to have it back to the company.

Overall, the price is reasonable (if it works for you).  There are definitely cheaper anti-snoring mouthpieces available, so if the price doesn't suit your budget, check out some other options.


If it sounds like I am overly about Good Morning Snore Solution, it is because I truly am. I wanted to hate it simply because I was so sure there was no chance it would work for me. Every day, I'm grateful that my curiosity got the best of me. I know my wife and teenage son feel the same way.

If you are looking for a snoring solution that is comfortable, effective, durable, and safe, I highly recommend Good Morning Snore Solution.

AVEOtsd probably is not quite what comes to mind when you picture an anti-snoring mouthpiece, especially if you have only been exploring mandibular advancement devices (MADs). Well, it may not be what you have in mind, but I think it may be a good option for some people, depending on your preference.

AVEOtsd Review

More than five years of research went into creating this noninvasive device, and although not my favorite stop snoring solution, it is one I like and recommend.

Pros and Cons

As I have found with all snoring solutions, AVEOtsd has its share of pros and cons, I had a few small complaints myself. Make sure you consider both when making your decision.



What's with the Weird Design?

The AVEOtsd is classified as a tongue stabilizing device (TSD), so it probably looks a little odd to you. TSDs are quickly gaining popularity in the world of snoring solution products. Unlike MADs, TSDs do not actually sit inside your mouth, making them ideal for those who just can't get used to having a traditional mouthpiece in all night. They are also suitable for individuals with dentures, missing teeth, crowns, or bridgework.

Made from soft, medical-grade silicone, AVEOtsd is non-irritating and available in three sizes. The medium fits about 90 percent of snorers. There is no customization needed with this product, so you will not have to trim and file or use the boil-and-bite method prior to using it.

Dr. Chris Robertson of New Zealand created AVEOtsd. He specializes in dental sleep medicine and spent several years focusing on clinical studies to develop this product.

How Does it Work?

How AVEOtsd works

If you have read some of my other reviews then you are probably aware that traditional mouthpieces stop snoring by holding the jaw in a forward position. This stops the tongue from collapsing into the throat and causing an obstruction. Well, AVEOtsd has the same mission, but it takes a different approach.

The suction end of AVEOtsd goes on the tip of your tongue. The rest of the device sits between the inner lips and outer teeth. It holds your tongue forward while you sleep, so similar to MADs, it prevents your tongue from relaxing and falling back towards other soft tissues.

Getting Familiar with AVEOtsd

Prior to attaching AVEOtsd , rinse it under hot tap water. The heat softens the silicone, which will make it a little easier to get the device positioned on your tongue. Looking at the device, the V-notch should be facing the ground.

Put the tip of your tongue into the bulb. To keep the bulb in place, you will need to squeeze the sides to create suction. The harder you squeeze the stronger the suction is. It should be snug, but not overly tight.

Some users find it easier to make small pulsing squeezes to create a suction to guide the tongue in place, instead of positioning the tongue, and then creating the suction. You'll probably want to experiment with both methods to see which one you are more comfortable with.

Getting Used to Your AVEOtsd

The manufacturer recommends wearing your AVEOtsd around the house for several days to get used to it. If you have never worn a TSD before, and you are not used to it, you could face a few sleepless nights in the beginning. This is something you can easily do while watching television, cleaning the house, or surfing the Internet.

My Experience


The site recommends wearing AVEOtsd for a week around the house to get used to it. We were pretty comfortable with the design since we had recently tried Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS). So, we only wore it off and on until the following night before we started the trial.

I will say that I think I drooled a lot more with AVEOtsd than I ever did with Good Morning Snore Solution (see me AVEOtsd vs. GMSS comparison), and it was a little harder for me to achieve the correct suction. In fact, when I woke up the first morning, I found it had fallen off at some point. My wife's device stayed on all night. She was energized and in a great mood. I was still half asleep. I can only assume it fell off early, so I snored and slept poorly all night.

The next night, I made the suction a little stronger, and I was thrilled to wake up the second morning with it still in place. My wife had gotten up in the middle of the night to get some water, and she said I wasn't snoring at all. The third night, our senior dog woke me up to let him out for a bathroom break, and my wife was sleeping soundly. I did not hear a peep out of her.

The AVEOtsd was effective at stopping our snoring for the seven-day trial. I did struggle to get the ideal suction several nights, but it only fell off the first night. Also, by the fifth morning, neither of us had a sore tongue anymore.

Do to the design it can't be worn by individuals who breathe through their mouth, so it is not suitable for those with nasal polyps, deviated septum, or sinus issues. If you have allergies, you will want to have a backup option for those nights when your nose is stuffy and you have to breathe through your mouth.


Comfort 4.5
Durability 4.0
Easy to Clean 4.5
Effectiveness 4.5
Overall 4.4

Final Thoughts

I found AVEOtsd to be effective, but it takes a little extra effort to get the suction strength just right. This device is made of soft silicone, so it doesn't irritate your gums or the inside of your lips. It is easy to clean, and has a long lifespan, but the fact that you need a prescription to get one does make it a little less attractive.

If you want to try a tongue stabilizing device, but you don't want to visit your doctor or dentist, I recommend trying Good Morning Snore Solution that I mentioned earlier.

It is actually my favorite snoring solution, and I found it to be a little easier to attach and get used to than AVEOtsd. Plus, the fact that you can order it online makes it a very convenient option. If you decide that you want to try a mandibular advancement device instead, I suggest either ZQuiet or Zyppah. I found both to be comfortable and effective.

Once again, here's the link to the AVEOtsd deal details. And here's a link to what we rate as the best anti-snoring mouthpieces on the market.

With snoring that has plagued me my entire adult life, I consider myself a connoisseur of anti snoring gadgets. And, I always look forward to trying the latest anti-snoring mouthpieces that come on the market.

newest vitalsleep device

When I first heard about the VitalSleep snoring mouthpiece, I was intrigued by its innovative design, but uncertain of how comfortably it would fit. I was also slightly skeptical based on the appearance of the device.

About the VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

When first reading the product description, I found the VitalSleep mouthpiece to be promising. One of its primary features is its adjustability - notably, no other affordable device on the market today is adjustable besides SnoreRx, which comes in at a higher price point.

This version of the VitalSleep device is the 2018 model. However, searching around online I could not find out much information about what the new features were, and how it compared with previous models.

The VitalSleep device has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in preventing or reducing snoring. Getting the FDA stamp of approval is a lengthy process, with several on-site visits, extensive paperwork, and documentation.

The device is made in the USA from medical grade materials, and it is BPA and latex free.

Vital Sleep Coupon Code

Use the coupon "SNORINGHQ15" to get a 15% discount on your Vital Sleep.

Use the coupon "FREESHIP" to get free shipping on your Vital Sleep order.

Comparing the VitalSleep to Its Competitors

Of course, the major brand name competitors such as Zyppah and SnoreRx both have FDA Clearance for snoring, which puts them at a considerable advantage in the eyes of many consumers. Additionally, Good Morning Snore Solution and SleepTight have received FDA Clearance for use with sleep apnea.

In most respects, this product is like the SnoreRx anti-snoring mouthpiece. However, unlike with the SnoreRx, on this device, the adjustability is not built into the device itself. Instead, it adjusts easily with a small hex tool that is included with purchase.

Price is one of its major competitive advantages VitalSleep has over the competition. Its price reflects the fact that no FDA approval has been received. It is 30-40% cheaper than the comparable brand name devices.

My Experience with the VitalSleep Mouthpiece


As soon as I received the device, I noticed it was made of thermoplastic and needed to be molded before I could wear it. I followed the instructions and completed the boil-and-bite process - this part was quite simple. You place the device in water that has boiled for about 90-seconds, pull it out and wait a few seconds, then bite down with the arrow on the device facing up.

vitalsleep device and case

At first, it didn’t feel comfortable enough to wear for any length of time, so I tired the boil-and-bite method again, with the water at a rolling boil, which customized it to my mouth better. Vitalsleep comes with a tool to adjust the lower tray. This tool is very small and easily misplaced.

Unlike my experience with some of the tongue restraining devices – which took me weeks or months to become accustomed – I became used to wearing this device very quickly. I could successfully use this mouthpiece the first night of testing, but I’m used to sleeping with a device in my mouth - because I test them all the time!  First-time users might require a few nights to become accustomed to wearing it.

The air hole on the front of the device is huge - the biggest I’ve ever seen, which makes breathing easier. Also, swallowing isn’t a problem with the VitalSleep, nor is drooling which is very common when wearing a MAD.


Effectiveness 4.5
Comfort 4.5
Easy to Clean 3.3
Value 4.5
Overall 4.3

Comparing SnoreRx, zQuiet, and Zyppah Devices with the VitalSleep

SnoreRx and the VitalSleep are similar devices, and anyone who sleeps well with one would sleep well with the other. The main differences are that VitalSleep requires a small hex tool to be adjusted and has not received FDA clearance, yet.

The VitalSleep has an advantage over the Zyppah because the latter is not adjustable, which is a huge shortcoming. The sizing of the Zyppah will only work on the mouths of a select few. Zyppah also includes a TRD which, though purported to be a helpful anti-snoring feature, makes it more uncomfortable to wear and harder to swallow.

The zQuiet is also not adjustable, and it only comes in two sizes. If these sizes don’t work for you, then, unfortunately, you’re out of luck. With the VitalSleep, it fits everyone. Moreover, while the zQuiet doesn’t have many features, this appeals to some people. As with most devices in this range, you can try it for 30 days to see if it works for you.

Overall, A Great Device

Overall, this is an excellent device to help stop snoring.; it worked for me. The company offers a device sized for women, too which is excellent news for female snorers.

The design is excellent, and the appliance is comfortable and effective. Using the boil-and-bite method, you can customize it for your mouth and adjust it even further using the tool provided. The air hole in the front is a great feature which allows you to breathe comfortably.

One issue I experienced was that the device felt loose while I was wearing it. As a result, I was worried it could fall out during sleep. And I misplaced the hex tool.

I had the VitalSleep on the lowest setting, and still, my jaw protrudes out pretty far. It would be extremely uncomfortable for me to wear this on anything but the lowest setting. So, the adjustability may not be suitable for all buyers.

At the great sale price of $69.95, free same day shipping, 60-day money back guarantee and a one-year warranty this product is worth a try!


Before I tried ZQuiet, I had already put more than a dozen other mouthpieces to the test. Although I found some good ones, none were my perfect fit.

ZQuiet Review

ZQuiet is the one of the best mouthpieces I've tried to date, being very effective and comfortable to wear.  It's also very reasonably priced. If you have tried ZQuiet and can't accept the fit or don't feel your snoring is reduced as much as it could be, I recommend SnoreRx as it has a molding process to provide a secure fit and it can be calibrated for maximum snoring reduction.

Update: ZQuiet currently has a $10 Off coupon (SHQZC10)

Pros and Cons

Although I am quite fond of ZQuiet, it is important that you are aware of all the positive and negative points of the device to make an educated decision.  It's definitely better than most, but I have a few complaints as well.

Positive Points

Negative Points

Click HERE to see how ZQuiet compares to other snoring mouthpieces

The Mouthpiece that Doesn't Really Act Like a Mouthpiece

Until this point, every mouthpiece I had tried was stationary. Although some were soft and streamlined, they held my jaw strictly in a forward position. So, talking with one when in my mouth was out of the question.

Most mandibular advancement devices (MADs) are designed to just hold your jaw forward, so your tongue can't collapse into your throat and cause an obstruction. I had been under the impression that a mouthpiece had to be hard and stationary to work. So, when I stumbled upon ZQuiet, I was definitely skeptical.

ZQuiet Living hinge TechnologyZQuiet is soft and flexible. Yes, flexible!

It has what is called "Living Hinge Technology." When you look at the mouthpiece from the side you can see that the lower jaw extends forward. However, it is flexible, so you can open and close your mouth, talk, and even sip water with it in. For the life of me, I couldn't even comprehend how this thing was going to keep my jaw forward all night, if it was pliable enough to let me speak.

ZQuiet is crafted from a thermoplastic elastomer. It contains no BPA or latex, and it's cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration. ZQuiet is also made in America and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

The material has been put through rigorous safety testing, and there are no acrylics used during production. It actually looks like it would be very comfortable, unlike some mouthpieces that cause you to cringe at the thought of putting them in your mouth.

You will also notice that ZQuiet has airflow posts. This ensures that you can't completely close your mouth and block the airflow while you are asleep. This means that it is suitable for people who breathe through their mouth.

ZQuiet Video Of Device Features

My Experience


When I went to the site to order a ZQuiet for us (me and my wife), I was pretty surprised to discover that you actually get two mouthpieces when you buy.

The two vary in lower jaw advancement, so if one doesn't work, you are supposed to try the other one that has the lower jaw extended even more. Most mouthpieces have a fitting process, but this one doesn't.

The site said it would be ready-to-use right out-of-the-box. Great, it's flexible and one-size-fits-all! I had a little laugh over this combination, which you may be doing right now, too.

When the package arrived I couldn't even wait for my wife to get home to open it with her. I was anxious to check it out. I took all four out of the box and cleaned them all using mild dish soap.

The mouthpieces felt soft and smooth, but what I found was that running them under warm water made them feel even softer. So, of course, my mind was filled with even more doubt.  I was definitely mentally preparing to smash this mouthpiece with a devastating ZQuiet review.

When my wife got home, we both put one in. We agreed that they were as soft and comfortable as they look. We could still talk, and neither of us was drooling like we usually do when we try a new device. Mine was a perfect fit. My wife's needed to be trimmed slightly with a pair of scissors (directions provided by the company for this situation). Then we just filed it a little.

It was my night to let our senior dog out for his 2 am bathroom break. When my phone alarm went off, I was wide awake. I actually felt like I had slept through the entire night and missed taking him out. I must have been sleeping very soundly. My wife didn't wake up, but she wasn't completely silent either. There was a hint of snoring there, but nowhere near the sound that usually comes from her.

In the morning, I felt amazing. My jaw was a tad sore, but not as sore as it usually is with a new device. Neither of us could believe this soft, flexible thing hadn't fallen out in the middle of the night.

I told my wife she was snoring a little when I let the dog out. She seemed disappointed, so decided to try the other sized mouthpiece. Despite the small amount of noise, she said she felt well-rested. Our teenage son said he didn't hear me snore at all, but he did hear his mom, only because I made too much noise letting the dog out, so he woke up.

The next night, I stuck with the same mouthpiece. I trimmed the other one for my wife, and I agreed to take the "dog shift" again, just so I could see if she was snoring. To my surprise, all was silent at 2 am.

We continued on with the two-week trial, but we actually kept wearing these beyond two weeks because we loved them. We did still want to try other mouthpieces, but we always came back to this one. It was our number one stop snoring mouthpiece. Well, at least until we stumbled upon Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) a little later. That innovative creation became our preferred pick, and ZQuiet dropped to the number two position.


Comfort 4.5
Durability 4.6
Easy to Clean 4.0
Effectiveness 4.5
Overall 4.4

Who is ZQuiet Great For?

The soft, flexible design is unique about ZQuiet. If you have ever worn a mouthpiece and absolutely hated it, you'll appreciate the way this one is designed. It doesn't feel like an invasive piece of plastic that locks your mouth in place. The material is smooth against your gums, and relative to other mouthpieces, takes up much less space.

Also, since it has airflow holes, you can wear it if you are a mouth breather. So if you have nasal polyps, a deviated septum, or sinuses, ZQuiet will allow adequate airflow through your mouth while you sleep. I have allergies that flare up from time-to-time. So, if my nose is stuffy, I can't wear my Good Morning Snore Solution. During these times, I wear ZQuiet, so I always have one of these mouthpieces as a backup.

Who Can't Wear ZQuiet?

Although ZQuiet is flexible, it is still an MAD, so it's not a solution for individuals with dentures. The site doesn't say anything about wearing it with bridgework, crowns, or loose or weak teeth, but I just can't imagine it would be recommended.

If any of these apply to you, I would strongly suggest trying Good Morning Snore Solution. This device is actually a tongue stabilizing device. It doesn't sit inside your mouth, so it does not affect your teeth or any dental work inside your mouth.  Instead of holding the jaw forward like ZQuiet, it works by holding the tongue forward, so your airway stays clear all night. It is very comfortable and effective.

Is there a Cleaner for Zquiet?

Yes, it is the ZQuiet Clean-Foaming Anti-Bacterial Cleaner for Dental Appliances.   It is a 1.5 oz bottle, with a mint scent.  Cleaning and sanitizing your ZQuiet takes only 60 seconds with the pump, scrub, rinse method. The ZQuiet Clean is effective at killing 99.99% of bacteria on contact.

Is ZQuiet Expensive?

Considering you get two devices with your order, ZQuiet is moderately priced. The price is $79.95, but you don't have to pay upfront to try it. Many stop snoring solutions have a money-back guarantee, but ZQuiet takes a different approach.

You pay $19 upfront to cover the shipping charges. Then, you have 30 days to try it. If it works for you, and you keep it, then you will be charged $79.95 on day 35.

If it doesn't work for you, ship it back within 30 days, and your card won't get charged. You can also insure your package for $1.99 extra.  (I probably won't updated this section regularly, so of course check the seller for final prices).

Additional Questions

  • How much does ZQuiet really cost?

    The zQuiet is a trial product. You pay $18.92 to test the product for 30 days. If you keep the zQuiet, you are charged $79.95. The total cost of the zQuiet is $98.87


  • How does the Zquiet work?

    The zQuiet works by advancing the lower jaw forward and opening the upper airways. The zQuiet is two separate devices (instead of just one that is adjustable like the SnoreRx). – one with minimal lower jaw advancement and one with high jaw advancement. Users should start with the minimum zQuiet first to adjust to using the device.



  • Is snoring a sign of heart problems?
    Snoring is not a result of heart problems. Snoring is most often associated with obesity and excess tissue buildup.
  • Is there a surgery to stop snoring?
    Yes. It is called Somnoplasty. However, it is not a guaranteed treatment for snoring.

My Final Thoughts

I have been quite pleased with the results from the ZQuiet mouthpiece. As mentioned, I do still wear this mouthpiece when I travel or when my nose is stuffy from allergies and I can't wear my Good Morning Snore Solution. Update: Recently I have switched to SnoreRx because the calibration completely eliminates my snoring.

The material and design are comfortable. The Living Hinge Technology does what it says, and the product did stop my snoring, so I could sleep soundly. It is moderately priced, and since only shipping charges are paid up-front, you essentially try it for 30 days for $19. However, you do need to make sure you send it back within the allocated time period, if you are unhappy, or your card will be charged. Overall, I recommend ZQuiet as an effective stop snoring solution.

SomnoGuard will occasionally provide discount promo codes for its SomnoGuard AP and other models.  If there is a discount coupon available, we will provide it here.

SomnoGuard Coupon CodeWe do our best to reach out to snoring mouthpiece companies and provide our readers special deals.

If you come across a SomnoGuard coupon code, please send us an email so that we can update this page for other readers.  Discount promo codes come in either a dollar amount or percentage amount.


Are you wondering if you are a good candidate for SnoreMate (or any other mandibular advancement device)? There is actually an easy little test you can do right now while you are sitting at the computer. Well, if you are sitting at your desk at work, you might want to wait until you get to the privacy of your own home.

SnoreMate snoring test

Try to make a snoring sound as loud as you can. It is probably easy, right? Since SnoreMate is designed to hold the lower jaw forward to keep your airway free of obstruction (similar to Zyppah) this is what you need to mimic.

Move your lower jaw forward, so it extends beyond your upper jaw. Now, try snoring again.

Were you able to snore? Most people can't.

Even if you did, it was probably very light. This means that you are a good candidate for mandibular advancement anti snoring devices.

Learn more about how SnoreMate works in my review of SnoreMate.

Update:   SnoreMate is now an outdated product and does not appear to have an active business.

If you are like most consumers (or at least like me), you like to know a little about a company you are purchasing from. With the majority of anti-snoring mouthpieces contact information can be easily found on the website.

SnoreMate FittingOthers snoring mouthpiece are not so generous with the information, but at least you can find it in business directories, if you do a little digging. This is not the case with SnoreMate. You can dig and dig, but you probably will not come up with much more than a few dead-ends.

First, there are two SnoreMate websites. Both are identical, in terms of content, but the pricing is different. Not only is there a price discrepancy with the mouthpieces; one offers free shipping worldwide and the other charges $8.

SnoreMate has supposedly been around since 1999, but there are no business listings to be found in that name. Plus, neither website has an address or phone number. There is simply a contact form to fill out.

Now, if you dig for about a day like I did, you find that a person named Mercia Perioli located in Durban, South Africa, has a LinkedIn profile that states they have been the owner of SnoreMate since January 1999. Prior experience was with Umhlanga Tours from 1987 to 2005.

Why is the company information such a secret? It is safe to probably assume the product is not made in the USA. So, although it does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, there is no information as to where to send it.

You can't even file a complaint because there is not a business listing anywhere, and SnoreMate is definitely not accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

If safety and a money-back guarantee are important to you, you are better to stick with a company that is known for having great customer service. Choose a product that is made by a company that is a little more transparent.

Good Morning Snore Solution, ZQuiet, and Zyppah are a few examples. If you are not concerned about refund policy and if it does not matter where it was manufactured or what practices were used then maybe company information is not a big deal to you.

Everyone has their own criteria they look for, when making a purchase. I simply find this information important enough to share with my fellow snorers, so you can make an educated buying decision.

Update:   SnoreMate is now an outdated product and does not appear to have an active business.

If you are unfamiliar with the boil-and-bite technique that is used to custom fit your SnoreMate it can seem a little intimidating. Some people avoid purchasing a snoring mouthpiece that needs to be fitted before use because they are scared they will ruin it.

If this sounds like you, you can take comfort in knowing that these devices can be reheated a few times. So, don't stress, if you don't get the fit correct right away. All you need is a pot, two bowls, and some type of timer.

Check the fit right away. If it is not right begin the process again from the start. If it feels right you may be tempted to cut away that tab. Try to resist the urge to do that quite yet. After you have used it one or two nights, you may find that you need the lower jaw extended more or less. You will be grateful you did not cut the tab away yet. Once you are sure it is a good fit go ahead and cut the tab off.

Always store your SnoreMate in the case it comes with for protection and to keep it clean. Speaking of cleaning, this should be done after every use. SnoreMate is easily cleaned using toothpaste or mouthwash.

Watch this video for instructions on SnoreMate

Update: SnoreMate is now an outdated product and does not appear to have an active business. Here is our list of the best mouthpieces currently available.

The ZQuiet, similarly to the Snore Guard, keeps your jaw slightly forward to maintain an open airway. Both devices are part of a standard line of anti-snoring products known as MADs (mandibular advancement device).

My wife and I tried both of them. Each device worked relatively well but my wife, due to her smaller sized mouth, found a better match with the ZQuiet.

Snoring Mouthpieces Compared

The first night, my wife had a minor fitting issue with the ZQuiet but I was able to fix it the next morning by following directions provided by the company and trimming it with scissors.

My wife and I had some fitting issues with the Snore Guard due to the large size and bulky design.


The ZQuiet is quite comfortable in your mouth as a result of the soft, flexible construction. This MAD allows your mouth to remain slightly open so it is ideal if you are a mouth breather.

ZQuiet mouthpiece side viewThe loose fit was a new feature to my wife and I. We thought that the ZQuiet was going to fall out of our mouths during the night, a problem reported by some users. However, it stayed in the whole night without a problem.

Cleaning was very easy and all that it required was a toothbrush and soap.

ZQuiet Trial

My ZQuiet Experience

ZQuiet provides you with two mouthpieces, which vary to the extent they advance your jaw. All you have to do is try both of them in your mouth to see which size suits you the most. I had to adjust my wife's piece slightly with scissors so that it fit properly.

My wife snored a little the first night though she said that there was no snoring coming from me. My jaw was slightly sore but by the second night, that was not a major problem.

After the two-week trial period, my wife and I were quite comfortable with the ZQuiet. The design even makes it possible for you to open your mouth and talk normally while wearing it. Individuals with a cold or a deviated septum will prefer the ZQuiet too since it allows you breathe through your mouth and keep your airway clear.

Cleaning took minimal time and effort. The one-piece, soft construction looked quite clean after using a toothbrush and mild dish soap.

Snore Guard

Snore Guard CompanyI really liked how the Snore Guard was constructed with soft, malleable plastic. When I was sleeping, my mouth remained slightly open as a result of jaw repositioning.

After proper fitting, the device stayed comfortably in my mouth. At first, I thought it was going to fall out but the sturdy design prevented that.

My wife and I were happy that the cleaning process for this MAD was so simple and painless. All we had to do was use some dish soap and warm water to make sure it was clear of contaminants.

My Snore Guard Experience

In order to obtain a Snore Guard, I had to get a prescription. When I visited my dentist, he did a boil-and-bite method to properly fit the Snore Guard. Alternatively, you can always do the fitting process at home.

In regards to comfort, the Snore Guard made me keep my mouth open a little bit more than other similar products. At first, it made my mouth very sore. I found that the device stretched out the skin in between my nose and lips due to the bulky design.

In order to clean it, I washed it with warm water and mild dishwashing detergent. I did not use a toothbrush out of fear that it would discolor and damage my mouthpiece.

The Snore Guard prevents snoring; however, it leads to a lot of discomfort that may be avoidable with a smaller-sized product.

My Recommendation

My wife and I thought that the ZQuiet required the least amount of work and was the more comfortable of the two. While the Snore Guard may have prevented snoring, the bulky design and the resulting soreness make it the less desirable option.

Note: The ZQuiet has a $9.95 trial, including free shipping that allows you to use it for 30 days and if not satisfied you can return it and not be charged the full $79.95 price.

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