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ApneaRx vs SnoreRx

The ApneaRx and SnoreRx are both classified as MADs (mandibular advancement devices). My experience with each of them is similar to most consumers: both MAD devices do an excellent job. The SnoreRx Plus has a significant advantage over the ApneaRx due to its sleeker design, more customizable fit, and its lower cost. Snoring Mouthpieces Compared ApneaRx […]

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SnoreRx vs SnoreMender

My experience with the SnoreRx Plus and the SnoreMender is similar to that of a majority of consumers: both MAD devices do a good job in stopping a person from snoring. There are few differences between the two models that are important to note when considering which one to purchase. Snoring Mouthpieces Compared Understanding several important […]

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SleepPro Custom Review | Best Lab Molded Mouthpiece

SleepPro Custom is the first device I’ve tested that is made in a lab - yet priced similarly to boil-and-bite anti snoring devices. I was excited to try it because I’d always wanted a full impression product, which is what dentists sell.  The SleepPro Custom price is a tenth the cost of having a dentist […]

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Snore Medic Review

There are many devices on the market to help people get a quiet night’s sleep. Snoring mouthpieces are a very popular method of reducing snoring. They are meant to counter the vibrations of relaxed throat muscles (also known as snoring) by comfortably restraining the organs involved in snoring. Here is my review of one of […]

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How to Clean Your TheraSnore?

Since the TheraSnore has an upper and lower tray, which can be separated, and a lingual post as part of the lower tray, it is more complicated to clean. The TheraSnore can deteriorate, corrode, or even grow mold due to the nightly saliva, so it is best to keep a routine of cleaning the device. […]

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Should You Buy SnoreRx from Amazon?

Amazon has become a hugely popular marketplace. It is used for all sorts of purchases, from entertainment and electrical items through to clothing and accessories. Many people who are looking for products to help with their snoring search Amazon in the hope of getting a good deal on a suitable product. One popular snoring device […]

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SnoreRx Returns And Refunds

SnoreRx has one of the best return policies I’ve seen for anti-snore devices. Unlike other “try-and-buy”, or free trial products, customers need not worry about hidden fees. SnoreRx provides you with 30 days to return the device. They make it convenient: No RMA # needed, simply write your order number on the package. 30-day return window. […]

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The Company Behind ZQuiet

While searching for anti snoring mouth guards that work, one of the things I find most frustrating is that many don't have company information available. Sure, you know the brand name and perhaps phone number and email, but how are you supposed to learn if the company is respectable without more information? This is one […]

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Review of SnoreRx for Snoring, by Dr. Tammy Balatgek, DDS, MS

Recently we evaluated the SnoreRx device which is an over-the-counter oral appliance for the treatment of snoring. Snoring is the sound caused by a narrowed nasal and/or oral airway during sleep.  Potential airway narrowing may occur in the nose and includes a deviated septum, enlarged soft tissue (turbinates), polyps, and/or sinus congestion. Narrowing in the […]

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ZenGuard by ZenSleep Review

UPDATE: ZenSleep has closed permanently.  We recommend that you jump over to our Best Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces page to see what the highest-rated products are these days. If you snore, you are likely looking for the one product that will help you or your partner get a good night’s sleep. There are many companies on the […]

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