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Snoring Pillows | How They Work

As anyone who has slept in the same room with someone who snores knows, any device that stops snoring is invaluable. First, What Causes Snoring? Snoring occurs when airflow through the nose and mouth is obstructed. This can be due to several factors, including: Obstructed nasal airways due to allergies, sinus infection, deviated septum, or […]

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CPAPs (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) are devices that push air through your airway to ensure it is open and to prevent snoring. AveoTSD is a tongue retention device or TRD that is a one-size-fits-all anti-snore product. It forces your tongue to maintain an advanced position in your mouth to keep your air passage open. CPAP […]

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AirSnore vs. ZQuiet

The AirSnore and ZQuiet anti-snoring mouthpieces are similar in many ways, and if you're trying to decide between the two, this article may help you choose. But if you've not read the Airsnore review or the ZQuiet review that we've written, you might want to begin there. The primary difference between AirSnore and zQuiet is […]

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Troubleshooting Tips for Your AVEOtsd

Getting used to new anti snoring devices can take a little time. You may need to go through a trial-and-error phase. Of course, we hope you've read the full AVEOtsd review. But these troubleshooting tips should also be helpful. Creating Sensation on Tongue - Even when fitted properly, you may find your tongue feeling a […]

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AveoTSD Fitting Guide

Most people unfamiliar with tongue stabilizing devices (TSDs), take one look at AVEOtsd, and can't imagine how that little snoring mouthpiece is going to attach to their tongue. More importantly, how is supposed to stop snoring? It is not a huge CPAP mask so skepticism is warranted. So, if you are feeling a little skeptical, […]

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Caring for Your AVEOtsd

The simplistic design of AVEOtsd snoring mouthpiece makes it a breeze to clean. The site says it only has to be washed once a week using a denture cleaning solution. However, I recommend washing it daily. Your mouth is home to a lot of bacteria. Even though this device does not sit inside your mouth, […]

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AVEOtsd Discount Promo Code

If you're looking to purchase the AVEOtsd, check out our review of the snoring device look here to grab a AVEOtsd discount promo code before purchase.  The price is very reasonable, especially when using a discount code. The AVEOtsd is a good option to stop your snoring, particularly when purchased at a reasonable price.  The great […]

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Why Are You More Likely to Snore with Age?

As you age, you become more at risk for an array of health conditions. Plus, your body goes through a lot of changes. For many people, wrinkles, loose skin, and gray hair are physical changes that generally become noticeable. There are many other changes though that are not so easily recognized. Snoring happens to be […]

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Why Does Pregnancy Cause Snoring?

As if you are not already either crying at the drop of a hat or ready to unleash your fury on the next person to comment on your swollen ankles, now your significant other tells you that you're snoring. How dare they make up such a story to upset you! Well, before you react (if […]

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Myths about Snoring Mouthpieces

Snoring does not discriminate. Anyone of any age, gender, or state of health can suffer from snoring. Some cases are mild to moderate, while others can be severe and result in a variety of health concerns including sleep apnea. One solution for preventing the harm caused by snoring could be by utilizing a snoring mouthpiece […]

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