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If you decide to order SnoreMeds, you will find that you have different options, as far as packaging goes. However, you also need to decide if you have to order male or female.

SnoreMeds Availability and Warranty

Now, you might be thinking this choice is pretty self-explanatory, but it's not. It is not uncommon for a man to need a smaller size or for a woman to need a larger one. Use the available sizing diagram to make your decision and try not to get hung up on the label. They look identical.

Available Packages

  1. Single - $40.95 - The basic package includes one male or female mouthpiece, a spatula, and a container.
  2. Double - $59.95 - For about $20 more, you get two strong anti-snoring devices, two spatulas, but only one case.
  3. Value - $88.95 - The value pack includes four mouthpieces, two spatulas, and one case.

Shipping is $7.84 for the single and double packs, but free with the value pack.

Loyalty Program

Although SnoreMeds did not work for me, I do think the loyalty program is a great idea. Every time you shop, you earn points, which can then be cashed in for different goods. When you place your initial order, you get 100 bonus points just for signing up. Plus, you get 10 points for every $1 you spend. You can check your points at any time and when you are ready to redo them they can be applied to your next purchase.

Return Policy

SnoreMeds does have a generous money back guarantee. You get 45 days to decide if it works for you and the time starts at the receipt of shipment. The amount refunded does not include shipping and you will need to pay to ship it back.

If you do a little digging on SnoreMeds, you will find that it is owned by a company named Trio Interactive. So, what's so unusual about this? Well, nothing except for the fact that Trio Interactive specializes in media solutions. What in the world does a specialist agency have to do with a mouthpiece? Absolutely nothing!  But they are marketed better than some other excellent mouthpieces we have reviewed.

Philippa Logan and Michelle Hall-Jones are the founders of SnoreMeds, but it is not actually clear what inspired them to break into the mouthpiece business in the first place. There insn't even a mention in the article.

These two South Africans decided to join forces in 1994 to create their first company known as Trio Interactive. This digital design business was launched to provide businesses with a variety of helpful services, including web development, online media solutions, and creative design services.

When they learned about snoring mouthpieces being in high demand, they decided to bring a few experts onboard to help design a mandibular advancement device (MAD).

SnoreMeds is a subsidiary of their Trio Interactive business. The headquarters are in South Africa, but there are also branches in the United States and Finland. SnoreMeds were available in their local market in 2006, and by 2008, availability had expanded to the United States, Norway, and New Zealand. In 2010 their second size was introduced.

There is no mention of SnoreMeds or Trio Interactive on the Better Business Bureau website. On one hand, it is great that the company has not had any filed complaints, but it is a little disappointing that a company that has been around this many years hasn't felt the need to apply for accreditation with the BBB.

SnoreMeds coupons are listed here.

Watch the video to learn more about SnoreMeds from the founders


Normally, I would say to not let the molding process intimidate you because usually you can repeat it a few times, if you do not get it right on the first try. However, SnoreMeds can only be molded two times total, so you want to really try to get a good fit on your first try.

SnoreMeds Mouthpiece Molding

It is hard to say though if the device really can't be molded more times or if the company is just trying to get you to buy the economy box, so you have extras, if you mess up.  Make sure to check out our SnoreMeds review to learn more about the mouthpiece.

Things You Need

Get Acquainted

Before tackling the first step take a few minutes to become familiar with your anti-snoring device. Considering you only have two chances, you do not want to waste your first one on putting the device in your mouth upside-down. Practice putting it in your mouth while you extend your lower jaw forward. This will need to be done before you bite down. You will also need to insert the included spatula in the air hole. This eliminates the need for a spatula or pair of tongs. Plus, it prevents to the air holes from collapsing when the water softens the material.

Molding Process

When the mouthpiece has cooled, check the fit. If it is not right, you can redo it, if you are not positive if it is right; leave it as is to try for the night. Then, you will be able to better determine if you really need to redo it again.  Many other snoring mouthpieces will be shaped in a similar manner.

Get a SnoreMeds coupon to save when buying this snoring mouthpiece.  You can save $10-$20 on the mouthpiece, depending on the promo codes available. This is a pretty basic mouth guard but worth trying if you have never tried one. If you are looking for something more custom and have tried most other options, look at the Sleep Pro Custom device.

SnoreMeds Promo CodeWe will update this page to have the latest promotions available for SnoreMeds.  This mouthpiece is already very reasonably priced (although it did not make our list of best snoring mouthpieces), but why not save more if you have a coupon available?

If you use a discount that is not on this page, please contact the team at Snoring HQ so that we can include it for our other readers.  If you are interested in learning more about SnoreMeds please read our SnoreMeds review.

Although many people love mouthpieces with all the bells and whistles, I tend to be drawn to the devices with a simpler design, as long as they work. I had high hopes for SnoreMeds. I should actually say my bank account had high hopes for SnoreMeds.

SnoreMeds Snoring Mouthpiece Reviews

I liked that it looks simple and easy to clean, but its low price definitely made it shine a little brighter. The company even offers a loyalty program, so I really hoped this mandibular advancement device (MAD) would be an effective snoring solution. Unfortunately, this was not a winner with either of us, and didn't come close to making the recommended mouthpieces list.  (See how SnoreMeds compares to other mouthpieces HERE.)



What is SnoreMeds?

The goal of all MADs is to keep the airway free of obstruction. SnoreMeds is no exception. These anti snoring devices are designed to hold your lower jaw forward, which is supposed to prevent your tongue from collapsing into your throat so soft tissues are not close enough to vibrate.

SnoreMeds is made of a hypoallergenic thermoplastic material that is BPA- and latex-free. Note that the material has been cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration, but the product itself has not been. This device is available in two sizes, one of which is a smaller variety that is made for women, as it has a narrower design and deeper bite.

This device needs to be fitted before wearing by using a boil and bite method. This allows it to form to the unique shape of your mouth. This is supposed to make it more comfortable and effective. SnoreMeds does have an airflows hole in front to allow you to breathe through your mouth. So, if you have nasal polyps, sinuses, a deviated septum, or just (really bad) allergies (like me), you will appreciate this feature. If any of those mentioned concerns apply to you, it is vital that you choose a mouthpiece with an air hole to allow for deep breathing.

My Experience


Although SnoreMeds are available in single, double, and value packs there are not any packages with both varieties included. So, I had to order the original for me and the small for my wife. I'm not sure why this wouldn't be an option. I was really disappointed that I couldn't order both sizes in one package.

The fitting process was fairly simple. We have done this several times, so we are pretty used to it. The most challenging party of the process is determining how far to extend your lower jaw forward. I have done it enough times to usually get it right on the first try. However, if you don't, you can reheat the device one more time.

That night, my wife actually said her mouthpiece felt pretty comfortable. She said it could have been a little more streamlined, but it certainly was not the bulkiest one either. I thought it maybe there was hope for this one. It is not often that she offers positive feedback right away.

On the other hand, I wasn't so excited. Mine just felt off, and it was rubbing against my gum weird on the right side. I also felt like it was a little invasive. When our dog woke me up for a bathroom break in the middle of the night, the first thing I heard was my wife snoring away. Her mouthpiece was still in, but it wasn't doing much of anything. My gum was sore where the mouthpiece was rubbing. I decided to leave it out for the rest of the night, and I had to put a pillow over my head to block out my wife's snoring to fall back asleep.

In the morning, my wife complained about being tired. I told her it was because she was snoring all night and did not get quality sleep. We decided to both try refitting our mouthpieces again. Maybe I could fix the rubbing problem, and she was going to need to extend her jaw a little more forward to have any hope of getting through a snore-free night.

The second night was not much better. Refitting did not stop the rubbing. As for my wife, she no longer raved about the mouthpiece being comfortable. However, her snoring was a little better than usual.

After the third night, we were both ready to throw in the towel. Her snoring was not getting better, but her jaw was sorer. My gum was rubbed so raw that I barely wanted to eat.


Effectiveness 3.0
Comfort 4.0
Easy to Clean 2.0
Value 2.0
Overall 2.8

Final Thoughts

SnoreMeds was not the effective solution I had hoped for. Although the price is right, it could have been free and I would not have found it any more attractive. I still cringe at the thought of how bad my gum was rubbed raw on one side. It could be a snoring solution for you, but it definitely did not deserve a place on our list of recommended mouthpieces.

Zyppah or ZQuiet are products I would recommend for anyone looking for an MAD. The design is extremely comfortable and it actually works. For my overall mouthpiece pick (not a MAD), check out Good Morning Snore Solution.  It's a little more money, but well worth it to have a product that you will actually get your money's worth out of.

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