Zyppah Rx vs ZQuiet
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Zyppah vs. ZQuiet

If you have been exploring mouthpiece options then you have probably found that when it comes to mandibular advancement devices (MADs), Zyppah and ZQuiet tend to the most popular picks.

Both devices are on my list of top four favorite anti-snoring solutions, but I like ZQuiet just a bit more. This does not mean you will though. Zyppah could be the perfect one for you.

Understanding the similarities and differences between the two snoring mouthpieces may make it a little easier for you to make your decision.


Zyppah vs. ZQuiet

MAD Hybrid: includes a TRD (tongue retaining device)MAD
Boil and BiteNone
Denture tabletsToothbrush and dish soap
Four versions, over-the-counter and prescriptionTwo sizes
$89.99 version includes free shipping$79.95
Zyppah ReviewZQuiet review
  • Design – These two MADs are very different. Zyppah is a traditional stationary mouthpiece. You put it in your mouth, and it holds your jaw forward. It also has a rubber piece that holds your tongue in place. ZQuiet has Living Hinge Technology. It is very flexible and allows you to talk and drink water while wearing it. It does not hold your tongue, but it does hold your jaw forward enough to reduce the risk of your tongue collapsing into your airway.
  • Airflow Ports – Both devices have airflow ports to stop your mouth from closing all the way, so oxygen can flow freely.
  • Fitting Process – Zyppah utilizes a boil-and-bite process to achieve a custom fit. ZQuiet does not have a fitting process, but if it is a little too large it can be trimmed and filed.
  • Material – Both devices are made of a BPA-free thermoplastic material. They are durable and nonirritating. ZQuiet is latex-free, as well. Zyppah could be latex-free, but this information is not listed on the site, so if you have a latex allergy, you may want to contact the manufacturer directly to request confirmation.
  • Creator – ZQuiet was designed by a seasoned dentist with more than two decades of experience in sleep medicine. Zyppah was designed by someone with 30 years of experience in dentistry who had also been an undergraduate in bioengineering.
  • Credentials – Both oral appliances have been cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Zyppah is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau.
  • Comfort – These MADs are very streamlined and comfortable to wear. Their low-profile design takes up minimal space in your mouth. I find ZQuiet to be a little more comfortable because I like the flexibility, but you may prefer the feel of a stationary piece.

Zyppah and ZQuiet were both effective in stopping my snoring. They are both made of quality materials and designed by respected dentists.

Your decision will likely come down to design. If you prefer the stationary feel of a traditional mouthpiece and feel you need the rubber strap to hold your tongue, Zyppah will be your best option.

If you would like to be able to move your mouth and speak freely, then give ZQuiet a try.

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