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VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

A Guide to Fitting Your VitalSleep Mouthpiece

If you are like many others, you hear the term "boil-and-bite" and instantly panic. You may wonder if the process is painful, or you might be concerned that you will mess it up and your snoring mouthpiece will be ruined. Rest-assured, the fitting process is easier than you think, and it is not painful at […]

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Snore Eliminator vs. VitalSleep

If you are considering Snore Eliminator, chances are good that it is the low price that has piqued your curiosity. The price is definitely budget-friendly, but for just a bit more you can get a product that is more comfortable, effective, and durable. VitalSleep is $59.95, but it is by far the better option. Both […]

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Good Morning Snore Solution vs VitalSleep

The Good Morning Snore Solution and the VitalSleep use two different methods to prevent you from snoring. The Good Morning Snore Solution is a TRD (tongue retaining device) and the VitalSleep is an MAD (mandibular advancement device). Both devices stopped my wife and me from snoring. The ease of fitting and cleaning the Good Morning […]

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