The Creator and Company Behind SnoreRX

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When choosing a mouthpiece, you should always make sure you have access to a company address and phone number. If you are able to find out who created the product and what company produces it this is definitely bonus information. You would think every product would be open about their location, but they’re not. SnoreRX gives you all the information you need to feel good about ordering, in addition to the information found in my SnorerRX complete review.

SnoreRXThe Creator and Company

SnoreRX was created by Jim Fallon. He owns Apena Sciences Corporation, which was founded in California in 2009. To assist with product design, he hired an engineering firm. Fallon also secured an FDA consultant to help obtain FDA approval.

Professionally Endorsed

It always helps to have a respected dentist or doctor endorse an anti-snoring mouthpiece. Snore Rx actually has two.

  1. Gary Ewing President of San Diego Dental Lab
  2. Dr. Robert L. Mandell – Periodontist

SnoreRx is a Doctor Trusted product. It was reviewed by Dr. Daniel Hanley out of Chicago, Illinois, and issued a certificate on November 5, 2013. is a consumer production organization that cheats science-based health claims, ethical pricing, and for billing policy and return and refund policy. SnoreRX received an A rating. The website is security verified and the product is FDA-cleared.

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