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SleepTight Mouthpiece did not necessarily blow me away, but it didn't disappoint me either. If I didn't have other anti snoring mouthpieces that had already really impressed me this one may have landed closer to my list of favorites. I like it, especially since I was able to try it for $10.

It is a moderately priced mandibular advancement device (MAD) that I found to be quite useful. It is not insanely comfortable (what MAD is), but I certainly was not counting the days to get the trial done either.

Video of the SleepTight Anti-Snore Device

Advantages of SleepTight Mouthpiece

 SleepTight Mouthpiece Complaints

What is SleepTight Mouthpiece?

SleepTight Mouthpiece is a MAD that can be custom-fitted in the privacy of your home. It is designed to hold the lower jaw in a forward position, thereby keeping the airway free of obstruction.

This device has a hard exterior and an inner core of material that gets softened to create a mold of your jaw. So, it if it's tight to stay in place, but its strong exterior makes it extra durable. This mouthpiece features an air hole that measures 6 millimeters, so it is plenty large enough to allow enough oxygen to pass through for mouth breathers, but it is not so large that it forces your mouth to remain in an uncomfortable position all night.

SleepTight snoring mouthpiece was designed by a dentist. It is manufactured in the United Kingdom and cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration. It can be refitted up to four or five times, and it has a longer than average lifespan of six months to two years.

Those used by individuals who grind their teeth or clench their jaw in their sleep see the shorter lifespan. Unlike other MADs that can't be worn with any dentures, SleepTight Mouthpiece can be worn with partial dentures. As long as you have some upper and lower teeth, this oral appliance may work for you.

How SleepTight Mouthpiece Works

Let's Talk Price

The Sleep Tight Mouthpiece is $69.95, but you don't have to pay that upfront. One of the reasons I even decided to give this mouthpiece a try was because I only had to pay $9.95 per device (bought one for my wife, too) upfront. Then, you get 30 days from the time the device ships to give it a try.

If you like it, your card will be charged $59.95 after 30 days. If it's not for you, you can return the device, and your card will not be charged. So, you could technically look at it as the device costing $59.95 and shipping and handling being the $9.95 you pay upfront. Either way, you look at it; it's a pretty good deal.

My Experience


Obviously, the first thing I liked about my experience with SleepTight Mouthpiece is that I only had to pay $20 to order two. I did end up having the full amount charged to my card 30 days later, though, but the low upfront fee was nice.

When they arrived, I cleaned them, and we did the boil-and-bite method to fit them. The fitting process was simple; we both achieved a good fit the first time. I like that they felt snug, but like I said earlier, I just was not overly excited about it. It is not too bulky or uncomfortable, but I just never had a "Hey, I really like this mouthpiece!" moment.

When I put it in for the night, I was instantly drooling, which is common when I start using a new device. I was aware of it in my mouth, but I was not aching to take it out. I fell asleep rather quickly.

The next morning, I felt energetic, so I knew I had not snored. I felt like I really had a good night's sleep. My wife was already up making breakfast before I got out of bed. She was pleased, too. She also said she liked it but didn't necessarily love it. On the other hand, our teenage son who was up late studying for finals loved the mouthpiece because he said we did not snore all night. My mouth was a little sore, but by the fourth day, I had gotten used to it and was no longer bothered by its presence.

The rest of the trial went the same as the first night. We found SleepTight Mouthpiece to be an effective snoring solution.


Comfort 4.3
Durability 4.0
Easy to Clean 4.0
Effectiveness 4.5
Overall 4.2

Is SleepTight Mouthpiece for You?

I found SleepTight Mouthpiece to be an effective snoring solution (Click here for the best SleepTight offer). It fits well, and it's not overly bulky. I really like that I did not have to pay the full amount to try it.

If you are looking for a MAD in this price range, I would also consider ZQuiet, SnoreRx, or Zyppah. ZQuiet also offers the same option of only paying for shipping upfront, so you can try it for 30 days before you buy it. It is a flexible mouthpiece that happens to be one of my favorites. If the mouth guards/devices are not giving you the results you want (you must give them time so you can adjust), I suggest trying a TRD such as Good Morning Snore Solution.

SleepTight Mouthpiece is commonly compared to ZQuiet because they have very similar prices and payment options. However, these mandibular advancement devices (MADs) are very different. If you haven't heard of ZQuiet, but are exploring your anti snoring options at this price point, it's definitely one to consider.   Do not confuse SleepTight with Snore-B-Gone, which is not a safe device.

To learn more about each of these mouthpieces visit my SleepTight review and ZQuiet review.

An adjustment period can be expected while your mouth gets used to your SleepTight Mouthpiece. This is actually the case with any mandibular advancement device (MAD), but not all anti snoring mouthpieces.

Some expect to put one in and not even realize it's there. Then, they are disappointed when their jaw is a little sore. If you know what to expect then expectations can be a little more realistic.

It is important to remember that snoring mouth guards are not for children.

The first thing you will likely experience is drooling. It is very common to experience excessive salivation for the first few nights. This will typically improve quite quickly.

When you place a foreign object in your mouth, your brain thinks it is food and sends the signal to produce saliva to help chew, swallow, and digest. After it learns that this device is not food, the signals won't be so persistent. Some people prefer to sleep with a towel under their head the first few nights, so their pillowcase doesn't get soaked.

Soreness can be expected, too. Your mouth needs to get used to it being in a different position all night. If you have worked a specific muscle that you were not used to using then you know how sore it feels.

This is what happens when the muscles in your mouth are engaged overnight. That being said, although soreness is expected if you experience severe pain in your jaw or TMJ discontinue use and talk with your medical care provider.

Some advice on fitting SleepTight

If mouth guards for snoring do not work for you consider a Salt Therapy machine.

I found SleepTight Mouthpiece to be an effective and comfortable product, but that does not mean it is the right mandibular advancement device (MAD) for everyone. To know if you are a good candidate you can actually do a little test while you are reading this.  If you still want more information after this test, check out my full SleepTight review.

SleepTight Snoring Mouthpiece Logo

Begin by making a snoring sound as loud as you can. Now, extend your lower jaw forward and try to make the same noise. Chances are good that you can't, and if you can it is probably very faint.

SleepTight Mouthpiece works by holding your jaw in a forward position. This keeps your airway free of obstruction all night, so soft tissues can't vibrate and create the snoring sound.

Who Can and Can't Use SleepTight Mouthpiece?

SleepTight Mouthpiece can be worn by adults who snore for specific reasons. The site suggests it can be worn with obstructive sleep apnea, but if you have been diagnosed, you should consult your doctor first. SleepTight Mouthpiece has an airflow hole that allows you to breathe through your mouth. This device can also be worn with dentures.

As long as you have a few top and bottom teeth the device should stay in place. SleepTight snoring mouthpiece should not be worn by individuals with asthma, severe respiratory disorders, central sleep apnea, TMJ pain, loose teeth, or advanced periodontal disease. Also, this, or any other, over-the-counter snoring mouthpiece, should not be worn by children.

It is always comforting to see that a snoring mouthpiece has been designed by a doctor, dentist, or sleep specialist. This is one of the things I like about the SleepTight Mouthpiece.    It is important that your snoring and sleep disorders be analyzed by a dentist.

SleepTight Founder Dr Mike WilliamsUS dentist Dr. Mike Williams is the creator behind this mandibular advancement device (MAD). He is a UK researcher and developer of mouthpieces and a member of the well-respected American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Williams began seeking alternatives to snoring surgery more than a decade ago. He was a longtime snorer and had even undergone multiple surgeries, but unfortunately experienced no relief.

Williams earned his DDS from the University of Tennessee in 1970, and before retiring in 2005 had more than 30 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry.

Before starting his online retail business he spent five years focusing on mouthpieces, mouth guards, and teeth-whitening products. He founded SleepTight out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and registered his website in 2013. He then applied to have his product cleared by the FDA, and patiently waited another year until it was officially cleared.

Importance of FDA Clearance

Many people assume that all snoring devices are FDA-cleared. After all, they wouldn't be for sale, if they hadn't been recognized as safe, right? Well, not quite. There are a lot of products available for sale that have not been cleared, so if this is important to you then make sure the snoring mouthpiece you choose has officially been found safe.

FDA-approval was important to Williams, which is why he waited to offer his product to the public until it was official.

Read about the creator and company behind one of our favorite snoring mouth guards, the SnoreRx.

SleepTight will occasionally offer coupon codes, however, currently, there are not any traditional discounts available.  They do however have a promo where you can try the mouthpiece for just $9.95.  You pay the small amount upfront and have the snoring mouthpiece shipped to you for a trial.

If you like it, you keep it and you end up paying the full amount ($59.95), which is a very reasonable price for a snoring mouthpiece in general.  If you don't like it, you just return it and you are not charged any additional fees.  So worst case scenario, you're out $10.

Overall I liked the SleepTight mouthpiece, as I mentioned in my SleepTight review.  This promo that they have going in place of a coupon is very interesting as well, and in my opinion shows that they really believe in the product - either that, or they believe in the laziness of people!

Let me know if you come across any other discount coupon codes or special promo offers and I will share with my readers.  Make sure to check out my favorite snoring mouthpieces, as well!

Here is a Testimonial for SleepTight from the Company

Don't be overwhelmed by the thought of having to use the boil-and-bite method on your snoring mouthpiece to achieve a good fit. Some people are so scared that they will ruin it that they don't order one or they send it back upon arrival.

SleepTight mouthpieceYou are not going to mess it up. SleepTight Mouthpiece can be reheated to complete the fitting process up to four or five times, so if you don't get it right the first time, you can try again.

You will need a pot to boil water, a bowl or mug, and a timer to fit your SleepTight Mouthpiece.

Learn more about the SleepTight mouthpiece in my SleepTight review.

Learn about the SleepTight inventor and his background.

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