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Good Morning Snore Solution Review

After reading other good morning snore solution reviews, I decided to write one of my own to cover a few important complaints that people don't mention. Hope this review is helpful.

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Zyppah Review

Snoring mouthpieces are not much to look at - so I at least give credit to Zyppah for trying.  The Zyppah product is classified as a mandibular advancement device (MAD) and its black and neon green (also available in other colors). Update: Some readers have left reviews about issues with me about Zyppah's poor customer […]

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SnoreRx Review | My Snoring Problem is Officially Over!

When I ordered SnoreRx, I looked forward to trying out its unique features. I’ve tried many Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs) in the past and was hoping for great results from SnoreRx. I wasn’t disappointed! There are many benefits to using SnoreRx over other MADs, from the amazing customization to the high-quality material selection, but most […]

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SnoreMender PS Review

The SnoreMender PS design looks very simple until you see that it opens and closes easily (see video below), which is rare for one of these top-rated anti-snoring mouthpieces. Being able to move your mouth while wearing a device is a pretty attractive quality, but I'm sorry to tell you that my experience with this […]

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Snore-B-Gone Review : BEWARE

If you have ever suffered from snoring, you have probably looked into using a device to try to stop snoring. There are dozens of great devices available on the market. Unfortunately, the Snore-B-Gone is not one of them. Have a look at the best mouthpieces for snorers and you'll find MUCH better ideas. Still Reading? […]

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SleepTight Mouthpiece Review

SleepTight Mouthpiece did not necessarily blow me away, but it didn't disappoint me either. If I didn't have other anti snoring mouthpieces that had already really impressed me this one may have landed closer to my list of favorites. I like it, especially since I was able to try it for $10. It is a […]

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PureSleep Review

You have probably seen PureSleep advertised on "Good Morning America" on ABC, or perhaps you have heard the claims that it is the top-selling snoring solution in the world. Regardless how you heard about it, you are likely full of questions. Does it really measure up? How does it compare to other anti snoring devices? […]

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SleepSilent Mouth Guard Review

Update: SleepSilent appears to have changed their name or merged with SnoreMD. The devices are very similar to each other. You can go directly to our SnoreMD review here. SleepSilent is a new device released in 2017 that was developed to help patients with bruxism but can also prevent snoring. Available on Amazon, the device […]

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SleepPro Custom Review | Best Lab Molded Mouthpiece

SleepPro Custom is the first device I’ve tested that is made in a lab - yet priced similarly to boil-and-bite anti snoring devices. I was excited to try it because I’d always wanted a full impression product, which is what dentists sell.  The SleepPro Custom price is a tenth the cost of having a dentist […]

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Snore Medic Review

There are many devices on the market to help people get a quiet night’s sleep. Snoring mouthpieces are a very popular method of reducing snoring. They are meant to counter the vibrations of relaxed throat muscles (also known as snoring) by comfortably restraining the organs involved in snoring. Here is my review of one of […]

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