SlumberBUMP Announces the New One-Size-Fits-All

Guest Post By SlumberBUMP

With the slumberBUMP’s NEW One Size Fits All just released, it might help to know a little bit about it before you decide if this is a “fit” for you. We’ve long anticipated releasing this new version because of the convenience it extends to a new range of customers. As a leader in “Alternative-Conservative Therapy for Snoring and Sleep Disordered Breathing”, we know that many people will find themselves happy and satisfied with the One Size Fits All.

The new One Size Fits All has a number of benefits that make it highly recommendable for any snoring or other sleep disorder issues.

Features Include:

● Breathable mesh belt for all-night comfort.

● One size fits all strap for all sizes.

● Anti-microbial fabric to eliminate odors and other smells.

● Air bladder for easy storage and travel.

● Attractive design, non-medical look.

● Effective wedge shape design.

● Durable & washable materials to make it easy to clean.

● Non-snag zippers.

● Side elastic for comfortable breathing throughout the whole night.

● An affordable and effective complement to CPAP.

● Comfortable, no rub edging Non-slip grip strip.

● Velcro strapping for easy removal and application.

● 1 Year Limited warranty in case of product damage or failure.

● Sturdy, Ripstop Nylon Construction for an Ergonomic Belt.

● Anti-microbial.

The slumberBUMP One Size Fits All has been clinically proven to reduce snoring. It often is recommended by Sleep Doctors to patients with mild to moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Positional Sleep Therapy works extremely well in tandem with a CPAP. The sleep belt will help you stop sleeping on your back and help you sleep on your side. Sleeping on your back can be problematic for people with Sleep Apnea. Sleeping in that position makes the airways collapse which is one of the primary problems of Sleep Apnea. Due to gravity, the soft tissue in a person’s neck falls into the airway. When this happens during the night the brain alerts the person to wake up. This can be up to one hundred times in a night in some of the more severe cases. This will also cause vibrations which makes the snoring sound we have all come to know (but not love). Sleeping on your back has been statistically proven to make apnea less likely.

By forcing the sleeper on their side, the airways can’t collapse. This is what the slumberBUMP sleep belt does. Any practitioner of Positional Sleep Therapy would be able to see the obvious benefits that it provides. Usually, the device only needs to be worn for 30-60 days before sleeping on the side becomes natural.

The slumberBUMP One Size Fits All would be recommended for all those who suffer from snoring or have mild to moderate cases of OSA. In most snoring cases and some cases of OSA the slumberBUMP sleep belt can most, if not all, of fix the symptoms. If done in addition to the CPAP, the treatment is one of the most effective forms out there. It’s usually most effective for positional dependent snorers. Those that find that they only snore when on their back are the ones who stand to benefit the most from the slumberBUMP sleep belt.

Most people diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea will initially be recommended a Continuous Positive Air Pressure device aka a CPAP. These work extremely well but they are just plain uncomfortable for many users. It can be loud, irritating, and many people find it restricts their range of motion. The One Size Fits All will help this by moving users onto their sides, making the CPAP more comfortable. In addition, sleeping on one’s side will give more freedom of motion throughout the night, making it easier to keep the CPAP one throughout the duration of the night.

Unlike the standard slumberBUMP sleep belt, the One Size Fits All is made for all body types due to the velcro system implemented on the belt. Some users found that the standard sleep belt couldn’t quite fit their body shape and so some adjustments were made in order to address that. Besides being able to fit all users, this will also allow them to adjust it so that it’s most comfortable. If adjusted correctly this may be able to reduce that initial soreness most customers find in the first week or two of adjusting to their new sleeping position.

In the past customers have been extremely satisfied with the results of the slumberBUMP sleep belt. On August 31, 2017, Chris said…

Great little product. I have used it now for a couple of weeks. Keeps me on my side and snoring is reduced. does what it says. Next step for me is to get a new mattress.

This clinically proven, effective, solution has helped plenty of customers with sleep apnea and snoring. That’s why over 90% of buyers actually use it. The comfortability just makes it such an obvious solution.

Besides being comfortable, it is also one of the easiest devices to pack up and take on vacation. A CPAP can be cumbersome, an oral device needs a plastic container so it’s not getting germs from other luggage, and medication needs to be kept safe. The slumberBUMP sleep belt is small and light to carry. Conveniently, it also has a removal bladder for these exact travel reasons. Plus, it’s not like you necessarily have to be worried about breaking it if you drop your duffel bags. Peaceful travel leads to peaceful sleep!

For a fair price of $89.99, there’s no reason anybody shouldn’t try it as a potential treatment or supplement for all sleep disordered snoring issues. It’s non-invasive, cheap, and extremely effective. Other forms of treatment have their strengths, but positional sleep therapy time and time again is the most cost-effective and comfortable.

Guest Post By SlumberBUMP

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