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Snore Eliminator Molding Instructions

We don’t recommend that you purchase the Snore Eliminator because it is a scam.  Use our comprehensive snoring guide to find the right product for you.

If you own a Snore Eliminator, the Snore Eliminator uses the boil-and-bite method to mold the product to your mouth for a more customized fit. To do this you are going to need a pot or kettle, two bowls or mugs, a spatula, and a watch or smartphone app with a secondhand.

  • Begin by removing Snore Eliminator from the box and cleaning it.
  • Use the included diagram to determine the devices upright position.
  • Practice biting with your jaw in a forward position. You can actually practice with the mouthpiece since it is not heated yet. The lower jaw generally only needs to be extended by a few millimeters to be effective. If you extend it too far, you will likely end up with a very sore jaw. Using a mirror can be helpful.
  • Begin by boiling 2 cups of water. While you are waiting for the water to boil. Fill one of your bowls or mugs with ice water.
  • Insert the included breather space into the snoring mouth guards front hole.
  • Pour the boiling water into the empty bowl or mug.
  • Submerge the mouthpiece in the hot water for a few seconds. Unlike other oral appliances that get submerged for much longer, Snore Eliminator literally becomes very malleable after only a few seconds.
  • Remove it from the hot water and give it a few seconds to cool.
  • Insert it into your mouth and as you bite down make sure you are extending your lower jaw forward.
  • Press against the inside with your tongue and push on your cheeks to mold the exterior around your gum line. Suck the air out as you do this.
  • Remove and immediately submerge your mouthpiece in the ice water. This hardens it faster, thereby locking in your impression.
  • Make sure that it fits comfortable. If not, you can start over again. It can be molded a few times without compromising the material.

Note that fitting instructions for Snore Eliminator Pro are basically the same. They only difference is that the newer generation have an adjustable lower jaw, so you can change its position for a more accurate fit.  Make sure to check out my Snore Eliminator Coupon if you’re looking to purchase.

Learn more about the Snore Eliminator product in this video

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