PureSleep Tips
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Helpful Tips for Getting Used to PureSleep

If you have worn mandibular advancement devices (MADs) in the past then you probably have a good idea of what to expect. Otherwise, you may need to go through an adjustment phase, as with all anti snoring devices.

Wear Your PureSleep Around the Home

PureSleep Tips

Some people have no problem putting PureSleep in their mouth and falling asleep. Others need a little adjustment period. It is a good idea to wear it for an hour or so while you are watching TV, cleaning, etc.

You will probably salivate excessively at first as your mouth gets used to having a foreign object present.

If you experience a gagging response that you can’t seem to get over, you may need to trim your device down a little. If you consult your owner’s manual, you will see that sometimes, excess soft plastic creates peaks or gets displaced during the fitting process. This material can irritate your tongue and also cause the gagging response you are experiencing. Use a pair of very sharp scissors to trim this away. If necessary, use an emery board to file it smooth. Wash thoroughly before placing in your mouth again.

Sleeping Tips

Always brush your teeth before using PureSleep. The device is most effective if you sleep either on your stomach or side.

If you wake up at some point during the night and your snoring mouthpiece is really bothering you simply remove it and place it on the nightstand. Wash it in the morning and try again the next night. Some people need to gradually get their jaw used to wearing it all night. So, don’t get frustrated if takes you several nights to sleep through till the morning.

What to Expect in the Morning

Do not be discouraged if your mouth feels a little exhausted in the morning. It is common to feel moderate soreness in your jaw, gums, and teeth. Your mouth is essentially using muscles all night as it is kept in a forward position. In most cases this soreness and fatigue is gone by the third or fourth day.  Learn about my (and my wife’s) experience with soreness in my PureSleep Mouthpiece Review.

You may also notice that your lower jaw wants to stay in a forward position after you remove the device. Performing a few gentle jaw stretching exercises and massaging the jaw back in place will help.

What’s Not Normal?

You should not experience sharp or severe pain in your jaw. It is also not normal to lose jaw mobility. This indicates a problem with the temporomandibular joint, which is the main joint of your jaw. It is very rare to experience anything other than a little jaw soreness, but if you are affected in a more serious way wearing PureSleep or any other device, always discontinue use immediately.

And if she can get used to it, you know you can…