The Smart Nora anti-snoring pillow is not for sale on by the manufacturer. Any Smart Nora’s devices that are for sale on Amazon are either used or re-conditioned units, and may no longer be under the manufacturer’s warranty. Products sold as used may be defective or faulty.

We recommend that you purchase the Smart Nora directly from the official Smart Nora website only.

Before you purchase the Smart Nora on eBay, be sure to review the seller’s refund policy. Ask the seller questions about item condition and defects. The Smart Nora has many electronic and mechanical parts that can stop working.

Since the Smart Nora may not work for all types of snoring, many buyers need to sell the device after the refund policy is expired. You can find a good condition, quality Smart Nora on eBay at a discount with careful shopping and due diligence.

The Smart Nora anti-snoring pillow is a complex anti-snoring pillow, and our recommendation is to always buy directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Before deciding to purchase, read our reviews of all anti-snoring smart pillows.

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