August 2018 Update:   SnoreFreeNow is no longer an active selling product.   To view snoring mouth guards currently for sale see anti snoring devices.


It is easy to get lured in by (possibly fake) reviews and a flashy website, but you need to understand that sometimes products seem more popular than they are because the company has a fantastic marketing team. Before you settle on SnoreFreeNow check out these reasons why this may not be the right snoring mouthpiece for you.

  • Short Lifespan – This device may have an affordable price tag, but it needs to be replaced every three months. Doesn’t it make sense to order a product that costs a bit more, but lasts a lot longer?
  • Special Tool Needed – If you lose the handle that comes in the starter kit to do the boil-and-bite process you will have to order another one before you fit your next device. Unfortunately, SnoreFreeNow can’t be custom fitted without the tool because the airflow hole will collapse.
  • No Guarantee – The makers of SnoreFreeNow state that the only time the device does not work is if the customer doesn’t mold it properly. Only unopened and defective products can be returned.
  • Can’t Be Worn with Dental Work – If you have braces, caps, crowns, bridgework, or missing or loose teeth, you can’t wear this device. It is also off limits if you suffer from any TMJ issues, and like all over-the-counter mouthpieces it is not recommended for use in children under the age of 18.
  • No Adjustability Option – Some people have better luck with devices that allow adjustments to lower jaw placement. Adjustments of this kind can’t be made to SnoreFreeNow.
  • Questionable Facts – SnoreFreeNow is supposedly designed by a leading orthodontist, clinically proven and hospital-tested, but there is no evidence to support these claims.

One redeeming quality would be this funny video they published

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