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Is Exercise an Effective Snoring Solution?

If you are overweight and you snore, you have likely already read or been told, that losing weight could reduce or eliminate your symptoms. Of course, if you are like many others, the idea of spending what little free time you have in a stuffy gym making you cringe.

stop snoring exerciseFortunately, you don’t have to. There are plenty of activities you can do that burn a ton of calories and don’t require setting foot in a gym.

Maybe you are saying that you snore, but you’re not really overweight. Well, perhaps you simply need to do some throat exercises to firm muscles that can help you stop snoring.

Throat Exercises

Some people naturally have looser soft tissues in the throat that vibrate against the soft palate. However, sometimes, aging, alcohol, hormones, and of course, weight gain, causes muscle tissues to sag.

These exercises will help firm these muscles.

  • Ceiling Kiss – Tilt back your head, extend your jaw upward and pucker towards the ceiling. Hold a few seconds each time.
  • Open Mouth – Pucker your lips for 10 seconds. Then, open as wide as possible and hold 10 seconds. Finish with an exaggerated smile for another 10 seconds. Repeat.
  • Chin Press – Press against your forefinger with your chin. Your finger should act as resistance so each side of your neck gets tense.
  • Air Straw – Pretend like you are drinking through a straw by pursing your lips and breathing in deeply. As you swallow, press your lips together tightly.
  • Tongue Strengthener – Stick your tongue out as far as possible, but don’t allow it to curl. Move it up and down, and back and forth. You can even make small circles in both directions. Since the soft palate and tongue are often responsible for creating the obstruction that causes snoring, it can be very beneficial to strengthen them.

Exercising for Weight Loss

Extra fat around your neck narrows the airway, which makes it easier for soft tissues to touch and vibrate. Plus, your body has to work harder for every breath it gets while you are sleeping because excess fat in the abdomen stops the diaphragm from moving so the lungs can’t fully expand.

If you are having hard times staying motivated stop thinking of exercise in a negative way. Find an activity you love. The more active you are the more your body will crave physical activity.

A brisk walk is something you can do anywhere. Start your day 30 minutes earlier walking the dog, and you will be amazed at how much more energy you have throughout the day. Plus, you get your metabolism revved to burn calories right away.

Jogging can be very addictive, especially once you experience a runner’s high for the first time. There are likely plenty of charity races in your area you can take advantage of, too. These will keep you stay motivated.

Skip the stationary bike and hit the trails at the park with your mountain bike. If you prefer pavement, look for cycling clubs in your area that meet for long rides. If you are close to a large park take full advantage of those trails.

Even in the winter, you can hike through snow or do some cross-country skiing. Many parks also rent kayaks by the hour. This is a nice way to use different muscles, burn calories, and enjoy nature.

Check out a local yoga studio or join a Zumba class. These are great options for when the weather is just not cooperating for you to be outdoors.

It is important that you get quality sleep every night, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Wearing a highly-rated stop snoring mouthpiece will open your airway, so you sleep better with fewer interruptions. With time, you may find you don’t need the mouthpiece at all.

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