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Stop Snoring Today and My Snoring Solution are constantly compared because not only are they both chin straps (vs a top snoring mouthpiece); they look quite similar at first glance. However, I have put these two products to the test (so has my wife!) and we concluded that there is a definitive winner between the two. So, if you are considering a chin strap and torn between these two, this comparison should help you make your decision.


These two products look pretty much the same. Actually, you will have a hard time telling them apart. They are both black with blue trim. A wide piece wraps around your chin and the upper portion of the back of your head. They also have holes cut out for ears.


Stop Snoring Today is the less expensive of the two products. It costs $99.95, and you get two devices for the price of one. There is not an option to only order one, which is a little disappointing. Also, this device is shipped from Israel, so you can expect it to take a while to arrive. Fortunately, you are not paying for shipping.

My Snoring Solution is priced at $119.97, which is a bit more but it also comes with two for the price of one. Shipping is not free. Within the United States, you are paying $9.95 for shipping. International orders are $29.95. My Snoring Solution also takes 5 to 12 days to receive.


The biggest difference between these stop snoring devices is the sizing. Stop Snoring Today's biggest flaw is that it is only available in one size. So, unless you have an average size head this product is not going to work for you. If it is too loose there is a good chance it will fall off during the night. If you have a large head, you will feel like your eyes are going to pop out at any minute.

My Snoring Solution is available in three different sizes, which are all based on weight. These include:


Stop Snoring Today is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. However, there is a 10 percent fee for the return and you will have to pay to ship the device to Israel.

My Snoring Solution has a 90-day money-back guarantee without a return fee.

Company Information

Neither company is very transparent about the company manufacturing the product. However, My Snoring Solution has been around a while and has earned a trusted reputation in the industry. What is known is that My Snoring Solution is based out of Alabama while Stop Snoring Today is in Israel.


For me, My Snoring Solution won by a landslide. The fact that the device is available in multiple sizes is a huge bonus. It was surprisingly comfortable and did not squeeze my head. Stop Snoring Today gave me an awful headache because it was too tight.  Learn more about these stop snoring chinstraps in my Stop Snoring Today review and My Snoring Solution review.


If you are like me (and most other consumers today), you like to know a little something about the company you are doing business with.

The company's reputation, manufacturing practices, etc. may play large roles in helping you make your decision. So, if you are considering purchasing the Stop Snoring Today chin strap, you probably want to get familiar with the people and company behind it. Well, this is not all that easy to do, but it's not impossible either!

I searched for a while to find this information and came up empty (not uncommon for good snoring mouthpiece companies). The "About Us" section of the website reveals absolutely nothing about the inventor or company.

The product is not cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration, and the company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, so those roads were dead ends. There is an 800 number and an email address, but you can't find a physical address unless you jump through hoops to do a return and then discover that the company's headquarters are in Israel under the name ICG Ventures, LTD.

Interestingly, when you do a little investigating into ICG Ventures, LTD., you find that the company is almost always associated with jewelry, mirrors, atomizers, and other vanity products. There is no mention of Stop Snoring Today anywhere on the company's site, so one has to wonder just how committed the company is to customer service considering it does not even appear to be affiliated with the product.

Learn more about the chinstrap in our Stop Snoring Today review.

Comparing Stop Snoring Today to Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) may seem unusual to some. However, I have found that a lot of folks who decide to try a chin strap do so because they already tried a mouthpiece and did not like the feel of something in their mouth. Since GMSS does not take up room in the mouth it is a smart alternative some people may want to try.


Stop Snoring Today is a chin strap that is designed to hold your jaw forward. This keeps the airway clear of obstruction. It wraps around the chin and crown of the head and has holes for the ears.

GMSS is a tongue stabilizing device. It also is designed to keep your airway free of obstruction, but it takes a little different approach. On one end is a bulb that suctions to the tip of your tongue. At the other end is a piece of soft material that rests between your outer teeth and inner lips. Instead of forcing your jaw forward it holds your tongue forward instead. This still prevents relaxed tissues from collapsing into your throat.


Stop Snoring Today costs $99.95 for two devices. As of October 25, 2018 Good Morning Snore Solution is $69.94 for a single and $99.94 for a bundle pack.   Shipping is around $10, and it is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. You actually have 45 days to return it, so you can try it for a full 30 days before making your decision.


Chin straps are generally deemed pretty safe, but it should be noted that Stop Snoring Today has not been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration. GMSS has been cleared by the FDA, as well as Canada's Therapeutic Products Doctorate and the Australian Department of Health and Aging.


It is unclear how long Stop Snoring Today will last. However, I will say that it seemed very well made when I put it to the test. I imagine its lifespan would reflect the user and the number of times it gets washed. GMSS has an expected lifespan of at least one year. Many people report wearing their device significantly longer.

Ideal Candidate

Since neither device goes in your mouth, they can be worn by individuals with dentures or dental work. This makes them both attractive options to those who are not a good match for a mandibular advancement device. However, you do need to be able to breathe through your nose to wear them. This makes them not a suitable option for individuals with nasal polyps, sinus issues, or a deviated septum.

Comfort and Effectiveness

I put these products to the test and they both successfully stopped my snoring. That being said, one was comfortable and effortless to wear, but the other was the exact opposite. I found GMSS to be extremely comfortable. It has to be my favorite stop snoring device that I wear nightly now that my trials are done.

Stop Snoring Today was awful to wear. Does that mean it will be awful for you? Absolutely not. If you have an average size head this chin strap may be fine for you. It was far too small for my head, even with the adjustable straps on the largest setting. It gave me a headache for four days straight until I couldn't wear it anymore.

For other options check out my snoring mouthguard reviews page.

Update August 2019: The Stop Snoring Today chinstrap is no longer available. No worries, though!

Our review of the bestselling My Snoring Solution will explain why we thinks it's your best option in the chinstrap category.

The idea that a piece of special fabric wrapped around your head could actually be your snoring solution is probably difficult to process. You may even assume this is a joke, but it's not. All those thoughts of excitement, confusion, and disbelief were how I felt when I first found out about these products, as well.

Stop Snoring Today Chinstrap Review

If you look at Stop Snoring Today, you can clearly see that is a black piece of material trimmed in light blue. It covers the entire chin and the opposite end wraps around the crown of your head.

There is a hole strategically placed on each side of the device for your ears, and there are adjustable straps that allow you to alter the sizing just a bit.

Stop Snoring Today works by supporting specific muscles and tissues. When you fall asleep, your jaw opens more. This allows the tongue to fall back to your throat, which causes an obstruction in the airway.

Now, not only is the airway limiting the amount of air it can take in; your body is being forced to exhale through this obstruction, too. As the air is pushed through it causes soft tissues to vibrate, which causes the snoring sound.

Stop Snoring Today provides support to muscles and tissues of your throat, inner mouth, and tongue. By holding everything in place the airway is kept open to prevent tissues from touching, thereby preventing snoring.

By doing this, you increase oxygen levels and improve REM sleep while reducing blood pressure and diminishing daytime fatigue.

Now, I probably should mention that this is a one-size-fits-all snoring solution, which probably already causes a red flag with you. As we all know, one size rarely fits all (in anything).



My Experience

My wife and I had tried My Snoring Solution before stumbling on Stop Snoring Today. We were both pleasantly surprised at how well it worked, so naturally we had fairly high expectations of this chin strap, as well.

As soon as I arrived to the site and discovered that Stop Snoring Today could only be purchased in one size, I knew we were going to have a problem.

If you find a picture of my wife and me together, you would understand why I say this. She is a tiny thing, and I'm pretty much the opposite. How is the same chin strap supposed to fit us both? Well, clearly, it's not.

I ordered one of each and they did ship to us fairly quickly, but it still took almost two weeks to arrive because the package was being sent from Israel. Unlike a mouthpiece that usually needs to be fitted to even wear or washed at the very least, Stop Snoring Today devices arrive ready to wear, so we removed them from their box and tried them right away.

My wife's was sloppy and mine felt like it was squeezing my brain. With the help of a couple hair clips we were able to get my wife's somewhat secure. As for mine, I pulled and pulled to stretch it just a bit. Finally, I just put it on and went to bed. The adjustable straps did not make the chin strap small enough for her or large enough for me.

I woke up a few hours after I went to sleep. I'm not sure if my wife's snoring woke me or the fact that my eyeballs felt like they might pop right out of my head, if I didn't get that thing off. I took it off and went to sleep.

She was in bed at 7:15 still when my alarm went off, and she is always up well before me, making breakfast and putting coffee on. So for her to still be in bed, she had to have been exhausted. I felt the same way. In addition to feeling as though I didn't get one minute of quality sleep. My head was pounding, which I was positive was due to wearing that chin strap.

Determined to give this device a fair chance, I brainstormed all day, trying to figure out what to do with it. I remembered reading before that to stretch out a pair of shoes a bit you should add water to the inside and outside and wear them around the house. So, I figured if I got the chin strap wet and wore it then it might stretch enough to be comfortable. I took it off periodically to manually stretch it, as well, and then I left it hanging to dry.

That night we made my wife's a little tighter. Mine still felt a bit small, but it was not nearly as bad as the night before. In the morning, I actually felt well-rested, but my head was pounding. I decided I would try stretching it out more later. My wife said her chin strap fell off. Unless one of us was getting out a needle and thread to make it significantly smaller, this product was just not going to work for her. She did say that when she got up to let the dog out, I was not snoring at all.

The third night was either going to be a strikeout or a homerun for me. I simply was not prepared to go another day with a headache. It did stop my snoring once again, but the following morning, I decided to throw in the towel on this one. It would be a great product, if my head was smaller or the device came in multiple sizes.

Let's Talk Price

One of the great things about Stop Snoring Today is that you get two chin straps. The bad thing is that you can't order only one. If you have a friend or family member who also snores then the two of you could go in on the order together. Alternately, if you spend the night at a partner's home sometimes, you could leave the extra one there. Otherwise, you just have an extra one to stash away for when you need it.

It should also be noted that shipping is free internationally. Stop Snoring Today is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. You have to request a return number, which you can do right up until the last day of the guarantee, so you actually have a full 30 days to try it out. If you are like me, you will probably know within the first week, if the device is going to work for you.

Final Thoughts

Stop Snoring Today could be the perfect solution for the right person. Since it is only available in one size, you need an average size head for it to work for you. Unfortunately, I don't really fall into the average category, and neither does my wife.

Another thing I am not crazy about is that there is no physical address readily available on the site for the company. Plus, the product is not cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration and the business is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Of course, these are points one may be willing to overlook for the "right" product.

If you want to try a chin strap, but you think your head is smaller or larger than average, I recommend trying My Snoring Solution. It is available in three sizes, and it is a product that we had success with.  Otherwise checkout my snoring mouthpiece reviews page for other options.

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