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App Review: SnoreLab

As an intermittent snorer, it can be tricky finding a remedy. Many devices, such as mouthpieces and anti-snoring pillows can be intrusive, which make it difficult to fall asleep. This is an inconvenience for those of us who only snore at certain stages of our sleep cycle. Choosing which snoring mouthpiece to wear requires trial-and-error.  […]

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Review of the Nitetronic Nitelink App

Several sleep aids include apps that maximize the use of the sleep device. We have reviewed the Nitetronic goodnite™ Anti-Snore pillow, which we found to be a superior pillow that inflates when it detects snoring. The pillow has two apps you can download to provide you with detailed and accurate information about your snoring habits. This […]

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Review of SnoreClock App

I clearly snore, but I remember those initial days when I wasn’t convinced I did and I didn’t quite believe my spouse when she said I was making a racket through the night. I wish I could have had an app to record my snoring. The SnoreClock App is available for Android and iPhones and […]

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Review of the Nitetronic Nitelink2 App

While there are sleep and snoring apps that work independent of any sleep aid, there are also some apps that work with a particular snoring device. These apps are meant to enhance the product’s features and provide you with a full suite of services. The Nitetronic Nitelink2 free app was designed for use with the […]

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