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If you have issues with the temperature at night or have night sweats that significantly affects your core body temperature, then you’ll be interested in learning about a unique sleep gadget called the BedJet.

Customized sleep experience

bedjet-connected to patient bedThe BedJet is a Bluetooth temperature management device designed to provide sleeping partners with optimal conditions.

The device sits under the bed and regulates a special sheet. The temperate can be adjusted from low to high, warm or cold. A remote control allows you to adjust all the settings on the BedJet.

Imagine, never having to get out of bed to adjust the thermostat regardless of the weather!

With the cold setting, you enjoy perfectly cool temperatures all night.

With the warm setting, you instantly warm up cold feet and legs, allowing you to do away with extra thick winter blankets and uncomfortable nights.

With a single BedJet V2 and a Dual Zone comforter, you can cool or warm one side of the bed without disturbing the temperature of the other side. The Dual Zone comforter creates two separate zones within the sheet.

With a full BedJet V2 Dual Zone Climate Comfort System (two BedJets and a Dual Zone comforter) you can cool or heat both sides of the bed simultaneously.

My Experience

I initially came across a review of The BedJet and was pleased to see it so highly rated online. As a result, I eagerly placed an order and awaited its arrival.

To begin, the product is so easy it doesn’t even need to come with a specific set of instructions, which is great! I got a little lost when it came to some of the parts, but that was easy to resolve as BedJet has an instructional video on their website which answered all my questions.

When I figured out the correct way to set up the device, the whole family was eager to play with it to see how it works. I have the Dual Zone sheet, which is designed to attach seamlessly into the BedJet fan. With the attachment in place, the sheet fills up with air and looks like a big puffy air-filled blanket, which is quite a novelty.

My children certainly enjoyed checking out this new product as it was something we have never seen before. In fact, I doubt whether most people have seen something like this before, but with its solid reviews no doubt they will discover it in time.

It was quite amusing to have a blanket full of air because I have a SleepNumber bed, which is too filled with air. It seems like the perfect combination for those who appreciate a bit of air in slumber.

Upon first touch, it felt very cold which is great because I had my doubts. On my first night, I tried out the maximum setting for an hour, and while I was freezing under my blankets, my wife on the other side of the bed didn’t feel much except for a slight breeze. The maximum coldness was far more then I could handle.

Creating comfortable sleep

On subsequent nights I started realizing that the bed feels more comfortable with the BedJet on. It’s a luxury item – beyond the cold or hot functionality, you get a fluffy cloudlike wind floating over your body every night.

It’s also convenient to use. The product is easy to control via remote, which allows you to adjust your temperature right from your sleeping position. There is nothing more frustrating than having to get up at night, and the design of the BedJet control addresses this efficiently.

It’s a great viral product. It seems that everyone wants to know more about this product as soon as hearing about it, because what could be more unique than sleeping under a cool or warm pillow of air? I always find myself telling people about this device in everyday conversation, and people might be curious enough to go and buy one for themselves.

Well-designed sleep solution, minimal drawbacks

The unit hides under the bed, so it is not a trip hazard. You don’t want to fall over it or have your partner fall over it while going to the bathroom at night.  Sometimes the tube gets in the way, and I hit that when I am getting in and out of bed, but it isn’t a major problem.

As with every product, there are a few minor drawbacks. First, the spot where the BedJet blows into the sheet is colder than the rest of the sheet. If you don't like cold feet, this might bother you. It wouldn’t turn me off from buying the product, but it is something to be aware of that you’ll probably have to keep your feet clear of that spot if you’d like to avoid getting too chilly.  You could possibly wear socks to bed?

Second, it's slightly noisy on the higher settings.  Not too noisy - quieter than a Dyson fan. But, if you are a light sleeper, perhaps the BedJet will be good if you only intend to use it on the lower settings. Heavy sleepers shouldn’t have a problem with the high settings, but it might bother your partner if he or she doesn’t have the same sleeping characteristics.

I often toss and turn during the night, which means the sheet can come unattached. I have to re-attach and button up the sheets with the BedJet engine every night.  However, this isn’t such a big issue, but it is good for you to know as a potential customer that it isn’t 100% automated and easy to use.

The ultimate luxury in sleep

Overall, I have to say this is the ultimate luxury in sleep. Some people in developing nations sleep on the ground, with no bed - let alone air conditioning, and I have a luxurious machine that blows cold air into a sheet so I can sleep in the optimal temperature for my needs. Completely frivolous!

It feels wonderful to sleep cold all year round. I normally have a fan running, or the A/C, but this product is a whole new level of experience. With a guaranteed continuously cold sensation, there is no chance of overheating, meaning a better quality sleep.

If you are constantly waking up with temperature issues, why not consider a BedJet today?

Essential oils are an increasingly popular way to treat many common ailments naturally.

From stress to insomnia, essential oils provide relief. And for those who suffer from snoring, there are several essential oils known to help.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are extracted from plants, containing the “essence” of the plant’s fragrance. This means they are devoid of any chemical additives, making them a safer choice for creating fragrances for freshening up an area, clothing, cleaning supplies, or treating physical ailments.

Can essential oils stop snoring?

Research suggests essential oils can help to treat snoring. The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, in Shrewsbury England, conducted a study on the impact of essential oils on snorers. A whopping 82% of patients using essential oils had partners report a reduction in snoring.

essential oils kit

How do I use essential oils?

There are several ways to use an essential oil:

  1. Apply the oil to the base of your foot. The soles of your feet are less likely to experience sensitivity or irritation than other parts of your body. If you do this, you’ll need to mix the essential oil with a carrier oil such as almond, olive or jojoba. Apply it to your neck or chest or dab a little beneath your nose if you want to inhale the fragrance.
  2. Diffuse the oil. There are many options for diffusers, from burning the oil with a candle, to an electronic appliance.
  3. Steam the oil. Quite possibly the most simple way is to boil water, add it to a bowl, and add drops of the oil to the bowl. Put a towel over your head and the bowl, and inhale for approximately five minutes.
  4. Add a few drops to some lava beads. The beads are porous and absorb the oil. Wear the beads in a bracelet or necklace and the contact with your skin will keep the oil fragrant and effective throughout the night.
  5. Gargle using your favorite essential oil before going to sleep. Add a couple of drops to a glass of warm water and gargle. Be careful not to swallow the solution.

Try the following essential oils to find a remedy that will help reduce your snoring.


Congestion is a primary cause of snoring. Eucalyptus is known to clear your air passage and decongest your nasal system, and it can be an excellent choice to help reduce or eliminate your snoring.

Other common uses for eucalyptus include helping clear a cold or providing a boost of energy. The best way to use this oil is to steam and inhale it. You’ll love the fresh, cool scent as well!


Marjoram is another essential oil that helps clear out your airway. A short session with a diffuser on, steaming it, or rubbing a mixture on your feet will help you get a good night’s rest.


thyme essential oil for snoring

Thyme is known to be a great cure for snoring due to its ability to help relieve respiratory issues, promote immunity, and treat muscular and joint pain.

Pair thyme with a carrier oil and apply it to the soles of your feet before you go to sleep. Rubbing it on your big toes will also help as they’re known in reflexology to affect the neck area.


Spearmint helps clear the airway and promotes natural breathing. Either use the essential oil or add spearmint herb to a non-caffeinated tea for a relaxing beverage immediately before getting into bed.


Another herb that can also be added to food or drinks to help with snoring, sage is known to treat indigestion. Either add it to tea or a snack or purchase the essential oil and burn it in your diffuser right before you go to sleep. It’s known to reduce stress as well, so you might find an enhanced benefit while consuming sage.


Like spearmint and eucalyptus, the menthol attribute of peppermint helps to open the airway and promote natural breathing. Use the herb to add to tea or water or burn some essential oil in your diffuser. Peppermint can help an upset stomach too.


Lavender is soothing and helps you sleep. Try steaming and inhaling, burning in a diffuser, or combining it with a carrier oil and putting it on your feet before bed. Spray a lavender solution on your pillow before dozing off for a night of sweet dreams!

Try This Anti-Snoring Essential Oil Recipe:

Mix three drops each of lavender, thyme, and cedar essential oil with seven drops of olive oil. Apply to the bottom of the feet or your chest before going to bed for a restful night’s sleep.

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