aveoTSD vs. Good Morning Snore Solution

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Most stop snoring devices on the market today are mandibular advancement devices (MADs). Although effective snoring mouthpieces, and some can be quite comfortable, they are not for everyone. Whether you have dentures, crowns, caps, or braces that prevent you from wearing an MAD, or you simply can’t get used to having something your mouth all night, it is nice to know you have options. aveoTSD and Good Morning Snore Solution (GMSS) are prime examples.

Read my aveoTSD review and Good Morning Snore Solution review for more info on each, but read on here for how they compare to each other (spoiler: I like both, but prefer Good Morning Snore Solution).

aveoTSD vs Good Morning Snore Solution reviews

GMSS and aveoTSD are both tongue stabilizing devices (TSDs), so they often get compared to one another. If this type of device has sparked your interest then you are probably wondering which one you should try.

  • Material – Both devices are made from a medical grade silicone that is really gentle on the gums and lips. GMSS is BPA-free, also. One can only assume aveoTSD is, as well, but it is not stated on the official website, if it is, or not.
  • SizingaveoTSD is available in three sizes, but medium is worn by 90 percent of users. Also, aveoTSD needs to be fitted by a professional and modifications can be made to accommodate a larger frenulum. GMSS is a one-size-fits-all device that comes ready to use right out-of-the-box. No professional fitting process is needed.
  • Lifespan – Both devices have an average lifespan of 12 months, but there are reports of them lasting twice as long.
  • Guarantee – aveoTSD comes with a 6-month warranty on manufacturing defects. GMSS does not have a warranty, but you do get a 30-day return policy, so you have plenty of time to decide if it is for you.
  • Care – The simplistic design of both TSDs make them a breeze to clean. A denture cleaning solution is ideal. You can also make a solution of toothpaste and water. Mouthwash should never be used on either device.
  • Comfort – GMSS and aveoTSD attach to your tongue and sit between your inner lips and outer gums. They are comfortable, but they both have the potential to leave your tongue quite sore, if attached too tight. I put them both to the test and found GMSS to be just a little easier to attach.
  • Price – These TSDs are priced quite similar. GMSS has a regular MSRP of $99.94, but if you order two the price works out to about $64.97 per device. You will pay between $90 and $140 for aveoTSD. You may have the expense associated with doctor dentist appointments and follow up visits, as well.
  • Availability – The biggest difference between aveoTSD and GMSS is that you can order GMSS online through a secure website. You will need to see your doctor or dentist to have an aveoTSD prescribed to you.

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