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Using Salin Plus™ as Your Snoring Solution

Salt therapy is a relatively new addition to recommended treatments for asthma, allergies, bronchitis, COPD, and other breathing conditions related to snoring. While to Americans it seems like a relatively new treatment, salt therapy has been used for centuries in countries such as Russia and other parts of Europe, where people sit in natural salt caves to help relieve symptoms.

salt caves
Actual salt caves

Today, you can find artificial salt cave rooms if you want to try salt therapy.

There is a lot of research surrounding salt therapy and its benefits for those who snore. Salt therapy is not harmful and is non-invasive

A single session using a salt therapy room typically costs about $45.00, so if you find that salt therapy relieves your symptoms, engaging in the therapy more than once or twice a month can become very expensive.

If you can’t afford sessions, there is an easy and inexpensive alternative.

Salin Plus is a portable dry salt therapy system you can purchase yourself and use at home.

It is a natural and drug-free device that takes all the benefits of treatment in a salt room and puts them into a convenient, compact machine that can be used in your home or office. If you find you need regular, sustained exposure to salt air, such as at night when you are trying to sleep, this portable product can benefit you.

How Does It Work?

Salt, or sodium chloride, is a negatively charged compound and can help fight anaerobic respiratory infections. Through osmosis, it draws moisture and mucus away from the airways, permitting you to breathe easier.

The Salin Plus works as a dry salt air-purifier. It starts by drawing air from the room into the back of the device and then pushing it through a filter with a small fan. It disburses minute sodium crystals into the air causing the micro-crystalline salts to generate a fine constant spray in the surrounding area.

The tiny salt particles penetrate deeply into the lungs, reducing inflammation and widening the airways. Additionally, the mist provides some anti-bacterial benefits.

How Do You Use It?

The Salin Plus is compact and easy to use. One device can cover approximately 180 square feet. You can set one up anywhere in a standard size bedroom, office or den and still fully benefit from the salt air it generates.

When starting off with this product, the manufacturer recommends using the highest setting for the first 30 days and then adjust it downward if required until you find the setting that works best for you.

Use it for a minimum of eight hours a day, so ideally for a snorer, using the Salin Plus at night while sleeping, is probably the most convenient and easiest time. However, because it is so light and easy to move, you can keep it in the office, family room, living room, or wherever you like. You can even buy several and place one in locations you frequent the most.

It is best not to use the Salin Plus in spaces with steam, high humidity or dusty areas as these types of environments damage the filter. To guarantee you get the most out of your salt therapy device, it is suggested you replace the filters after four months of every night use.

What Do Customers Say?

I purchased the Salin Plus as I have a dust mite allergy and snore as a result. I had been using a snoring app to monitor my snoring and sleep quality. The first night I used the device I was shocked to find my score had dropped from a high teens average to 3. I experience a better night’s sleep, and so does my partner. I have also purchased one for my son who is an asthmatic, and he has found a reduction in his asthma symptoms. The only improvement I would like is an on/off switch rather than having to turn it off at the socket.”– Bernadette C

I’ve been having a problem with dry mouth and sometimes snore, after a recommendation from a friend I’ve been using the Salin Plus for only a few days and have a huge change in my sleeping.  No dry mouth, no snoring, and a deeper sleep.  I’m so impressed I’ve ordered a second Salin Plus for our son who suffers from hay fever, snoring and is a shift worker.”– Teej50

SalinPlus has helped many customers as a non-invasive, all-natural snoring solution. By using Salin Plus, you can eliminate the expense of purchasing sessions in a salt room while relieving the symptoms causing your snoring in the comfort of your home at night while you sleep or in your office during the day while you work.


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