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The TheraSnore and SnoreRx are similar in many ways, including the ability to adjust the lower jaw incrementally between five to six positions, and the ability to custom mold the mouthpiece. If you trying to decide between the two, this article may help you see the differences and choose the one that is right for you.

The TheraSnore Mouthpiece – Does it Live up to the Hype?

Oh, how I have tried to cure myself of snoring. Nasal strips, nasal spray, acupressure, dieting – I’ve tried every known remedy and treatment.

therasnore mouthpiece

I was officially at the bottom of the snore-cure bucket, and it was time to put aside my prejudices and give the TheraSnore Mouthpiece a try, in the hopes of finally getting an entire night of sleep.

The verdict? I wish I’d tried it years ago!

What is it?

The TheraSnore is a Mandibular Advancement Device (or MAD), one of the anti snoring devices that works by sitting in the mouth and gently holding forward the jaw and tongue while you sleep (Both SnoreRx and Zyppah do the same).

The idea is that this opens up the throat and clears any obstruction from the airways, which results in smooth, soundless breathing. The company’s website boasts a 93% success rate when using this mouthpiece, a claim that seems to be supported by the fact that this is one of the world’s most popular MADs. I was sold!

TheraSnore Snore Device Video.
I unbox and demonstrate one of the best snoring mouthpieces.

My Experience


I went for the adjustable TheraSnore, which is customizable after fitting and has five different jaw extension settings. To custom mold the Therasnore I had to separate the upper and lower jaw pieces, this is quite hard as the pieces are stuck together when they first ship.

Next, each part of the mouthpiece must be molded in hot water, but separately.   They give detailed instructions when they ship it, but there are fifteen steps to follow. With both the upper and lower jaw pieces all set up and ready to go, I was excited to try it out that night.

I had expected to be totally unable to sleep when wearing a mouthpiece but was pleasantly surprised to find that I drifted off just as easily as usual. The device is far more comfortable than you might expect, not too bulky or intrusive-feeling.

And the custom fit meant that no bits were sticking into my mouth or rubbing against my gums. The mouthpiece fits firmly, but the material is soft and gentle on the gums, so the overall comfort was a welcome surprise.

I woke up feeling refreshed and well rested, which was a promising sign. But had it worked? I rolled over to find my wife not only still in the same bed, but still sound asleep and not glaring reproachfully up at me from her pillow!

I quickly shook her awake to ask how she’d slept… and she HAD slept! Apparently, I hadn’t snored all night, not even slightly. We were both overjoyed!

My jaw, admittedly, was a little sore that first morning, though not enough to discourage me from continuing to use the mouthpiece, given the success of that first night. The soreness persevered for a few days, but by night five the mouthpiece had started to feel like second nature, and my jaw was no longer complaining.

Two weeks in and I don’t know how I lived without it, or why it took me so long to get around to buying one! My snoring has ceased, the Therasnore is now so comfortable that it feels like it was made to sit in my mouth (which, technically, it was) and my wife and I are both happy and better rested than we have been in years.

TheraSnore Mouthpiece

Comfort 4.0
Durability 4.0
Easy to Clean 4.0
Effectiveness 4.0
Overall 4.0

So, should you buy one yourself? To help you decide, here are the pros and cons of my personal experience:



Would I recommend the TheraSnore? Absolutely!

I found this mouthpiece to be comfortable, professionally designed, and (most importantly) highly effective. My quality of sleep has improved tenfold, and the knock-on effects in my day-to-day life are significant.

I’m more alert, my relationships have improved, and even my general mood has taken an upswing. I wish I’d tried it years ago! Give the TheraSnore mouthpiece a try.

Of course, you are probably familiar with the more well-known anti-snoring mouthpieces such as SnoreRx and ZQuiet. If you haven't tried those yet, please read my reviews on each.

The Therasnore Original

therasnore packageThe Therasnore product was launched in 1987 by Dr. Thomas E. Meade, who founded Distar, an international company. Distar sells both the Therasnore Original and the Therasnore Adjustable.

Dr. Thomas E. Meade is the inventor of the TheraSnore. During the mid-1980’s Dr. Meade had a dental practice in Albuquerque, NM, while researching the connection between dentistry and sleep apnea. After developing the product, Dr. Meade’s wife, Caroline, founded the business and was the CEO of Distar. They started marketing the device by visiting medical trade shows and launched the Therasnore with great success.

By 1997 the Therasnore was a booming sleep business. In 1997, the adjustable Therasnore was introduced with a 93% efficiency rate. By 2001 the company was signing new distributors and increasing sales all over the world. Distar is still the largest export of oral appliances for the treatment of snoring and mild sleep apnea and is distributed to 37 countries.

The Therasnore is now exclusively sold by Tower Health.

The TheraSnore device overall is a good anti-snoring solution and has one of the highest rankings in our review lists. The Therasnore sells internationally as a best-selling anti-snoring solution.

The most common complaints by Therasnore customers are:

Company Complaints:

TheraSnore has an average return policy for an anti-snoring device manufacturer. They offer a 30-day guarantee, which enough time to test the device and determine if it improves your snoring.

The company does not pay for return shipping charges. For customers living in the U.S., the return shipping costs may be high due to international shipping. The cost to ship from California to the UK for the TheraSnore with USPS First Class (not Priority Mail) is between $11 to $15. The shipment can take up to 30 days to arrive with USPS.

To return the TheraSnore:

Verify that your shipping date will be within 30 days of your original order date.
Package the device and include all original documentation (sales receipts, order #, email confirmations)

Ship to the following address:

Tower Health, Returns
Unit 24 Wilford Business and Industrial Estate,
Ruddington Lane,
NG11 7EP.

Since the TheraSnore has an upper and lower tray, which can be separated, and a lingual post as part of the lower tray, it is more complicated to clean.

The TheraSnore can deteriorate, corrode, or even grow mold due to the nightly saliva, so it is best to keep a routine of cleaning the device. Most anti-snoring mouthpieces can be cleaned with denture powder, or a denture tablet, placed in a glass of warm water for thirty minutes.

isonic cleaner

The TheraSnore manufacturer recommends the device be rinsed with water after each use. With daily rinsing and weekly cleaning, the device should last a minimum of two years.

The TheraSnore ships with a denture cleaning tablet called BONYplus Express for cleaning. Other denture powder may also be used, but cleaning results could vary. For the weekly clean of the device, soak in a glass of warm water with the denture tablets (Nitradine). Do not use hot water. Let it dry before using again.

Never store the device in water.

Our Cleaning Recommendation

Luckily, there are faster ways to clean the TheraSnore. We recommend the iSonic mouthguard cleaner.

The iSonic is an ultrasonic cleaner that does a full clean in five minutes. Place a spoonful of iSonic ultra-clean powder in the iSonic, along with your Therasnore, and it will be good as new.

A weekly clean with the iSonic only takes five minutes. Separate the upper and lower trays before placing in the iSonic cleaner. The iSonic is available at

The TheraSnore is one of the more complicated Mandibular Advancement Devices to custom mold to an impression of your teeth.

Before fitting, notice that the upper tray and lower tray can be separated. There is a track where you can snap the TheraSnore together into five different positions. The protrusion of the lower jaw is what improves snoring, and the TheraSnore allows you to set that advancement from slight to extensive. Find the setting that fills most comfortable for you.

Start with the upper tray. Fill a pan with water and boil the water. Using a spoon or tongs, lower the upper tray into the water. Leave the TheraSnore in the water for one minute. Remove the pan from the heat, but wait for the TheraSnore to become clear before removing from the boiling water.

Once clear, remove and let the device cool for twenty seconds. Line up your front teeth with the arrow on the upper tray. Bite down hard and mold the tray around your gum line with your fingers. Carefully remove and place into cold water.

Heat the lower tray of the TheraSnore and repeat the above process. Place into cold water to seal.

Notice there is a lingual post on the lower portion. Repeat the above molding process by holding the lingual post in hot water for one minute or longer.

You can then elongate or custom fit this lingual tray to fit the section between your teeth and gums. This part of the device keeps your jaw in place and prevents it from falling back into a normal breathing position. Place the lower tray into cold water again to seal the impression of the lingual post.

If the custom mold causes pain or does not fit, you can remold up to three times.

To adjust the TheraSnore, simply separate the top and lower half and re-snap together into a different track position. Test different positions to see how your snoring improves.

Download Instructions

Do NOT wear TheraSnore under the following conditions:

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