TheraSnore VS.  SnoreRx

The TheraSnore and SnoreRx are similar in many ways, including the ability to adjust the lower jaw incrementally between five to six positions, and the ability to custom mold the mouthpiece. If you trying to decide between the two, this article may help you see the differences and choose the one that is right for you.

  • Calibration – Both devices are able to adjust the lower jaw advancement. The SnoreRx has six positions and the TheraSnore has five. The SnoreRx advancement is done by sliding the lower tray, and the TheraSnore advancement is done by separating the trays and snapping them together.
  • Certification – the SnoreRx is certified by AMASS, a respected medical authority. Since the TheraSnore is made in the U.K. we are not aware of any U.S. certifications of the product.
  • FDA Cleared – Only the SnoreRx is FDA Cleared for use in the USA.
  • Comfort – Both devices have similar comfort and breathing holes. Since both are custom mold products, the comfort is largely dependent on getting a good impression of your teeth can gumline. The TheraSnore has a long custom mold process (15 steps) due to the top and lower trays being separate.
  • Product Material – The SnoreRx is made of medical grade material that contains no latex or BPA.
  • Cleaning – Both devices are easy to clean using denture tablets or an ultrasonic cleaning device. The TheraSnore ships with an 8 month supply of cleaning tablets.
  • Price – The TheraSnore is the cheaper product, if you shop for discounts online. Some sites sells the TheraSnore for $60 and some sell it for over $100. The SnoreRx can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer at a price of $99.
  • Returns – Both companies offer a 30-day return policy if not satisfied.
  • Shipping – The SnoreRx has faster shipping to customers in the USA (based in CA). Since the TheraSnore company is in the UK shipping times can take up to a few weeks.
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