SnoreMender PS vs. ZQuiet

SnoreMender PS and ZQuiet are often compared because they feature a hinged technology. However, there is not much more these two devices have in common.  These are two of the simplest anti snoring devices you can buy.

  • Color – Starting with the obvious difference, SnoreMender PS snoring mouthpiece is an opaque white color while ZQuiet is a borderline transparent blue shade.
  • Material – Both mouthpieces are made of a medical grade material that contains no BPA or latex. However, while ZQuiet is soft and flexible, offering a rubbery feel, SnoreMender is a smooth but hard device without any flexibility.
  • Breathing Hole – ZQuiet and SnoreMender allow you to breathe freely through the night out of your mouth. So, if you suffer from sinuses, nasal polyps, a deviated septum, or just really bad allergies that flare up sometimes, you will still be able to breathe through your mouth.
  • Guarantee – ZQuiet is backed by a 30-day guarantee. SnoreMender does have a fantastic 90-day guarantee, but unfortunately, you have to wait the full 90 days to receive a refund. I imagine they do this because many will simply forget, and never send it back.
  • Price – SnoreMender is priced affordably at $57. It also comes with free shipping. ZQuiet does cost a little more, but you don’t have to pay that full price upfront. You pay $9.95 for shipping and handling and ZQuiet sends the device to you. If you decide that you don’t like it, you send it back and your card will not get charged again. If ZQuiet does not receive the mouthpiece, your card will get charged on day 35 after your initial order.
  • Fit – Sadly, SnoreMender did not fit right for me. The trays did not line up with my jaw. ZQuiet managed to be a perfect for both me and my wife.
  • Comfort and Effectiveness – ZQuiet feels good the second you put it in your mouth. Literally, you can talk and drink water with it in. SnoreMender is not necessarily uncomfortable, but it is nothing to get excited over in this department. The trays are stiff, and I don’t think I could talk with one in, but I didn’t really try.

For more information on each mouthpiece check out my SnoreMender PS review and ZQuiet reviews.

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