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MyPillow Color Codes – Which Color is Right for You?

Finding the right pillow is a game changer when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. The National Sleep Foundation endorses MyPillow in part due to its excellent back and neck support.

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MyPillow is soft to the touch and the interlocking chambers adjust to your sleep position during the night. MyPillow claims the pillows will maintain their shape for years. Understanding the MyPillow color codes is essential to selecting the appropriate pillow for you.

MyPillow is machine washable and comes in a variety of sizes, which are easily distinguishable by a color code on the label (the “size” refers to the amount of stuffing in each pillow, and not the dimensions of the pillow).

So, which MyPillow color code is right for you?


This color indicates it is meant for a child, ten years old or younger, and women who prefer to only sleep on their stomachs. It is also for very petite women (5’ or below). Out of all the pillows, this one is the least firm and most malleable. This is a great option if your child has had trouble sleeping and is constantly getting up and waking you up.


This pillow is the most appropriate for the average woman. It has slightly more stuffing than the Yellow and is still relatively soft without being too firm. This makes it the most comfortable for people of average shoulder width and shorter necks. This pillow works for any sleep position (back, side, etc). It is also appropriate for smaller men (approximately 5’9” and below). Generally, this pillow is meant for individuals who are not super broad in the shoulder. If this describes you and you are tired of waking up with neck pain, white is best for you!


Similarly, this pillow is most appropriate for the average man. It has slightly more stuffing than the previous pillows, which means we are starting to get into the firmer pillows. Green is best for men up to approximately 5’9” to 6’1” (or anyone who wears an XL shirt). This pillow is also for women who have broader shoulders, especially if they prefer to sleep on their side. This pillow will allow them to sleep with the least amount of neck pain because it is firmer and will keep their spinal cord as a relatively straight line. It is also ideal for men who are mild snorers and don’t need to use another anti-snoring device such as a mouthpiece, nasal dilators or strips. There are many naturals ways to alliterate snoring, and sleeping on your side is one of them.


Intended for men over 6’1” who are very broad and stocky in the shoulders. This pillow is very firm to give the best support to someone with wide shoulders who prefers to sleep on their side. Very few women use this pillow. Due to its firmness, it would cause someone who is too small for it to have neck or back pain. Men often have the most trouble with snoring, and sleeping on your side makes you less likely to snore.


This is Big Red and it is for men who are extremely broad in the shoulder who ONLY sleep on their side. We like to call this pillow “the linebacker pillow.” No matter who you are or your size you will be unable to sleep on your back. The pillow is very firm and bulky to allow this person to sleep on their side and maintain a straight line from their neck down their spinal cords while taking the pressure off their shoulders.

It is important to remember these pillows will not lose their shape and become flat. Your pillow will maintain its shape and be right for you, which is why it is incredibly important to buy the appropriate pillow for yourself. Additionally, MyPillow is also available in king size and all the color codes will be the same. If you are still having trouble with snoring, there are several other methods you can try including snoring mouth guards such as SnoreRx, ZQuiet, and Zyppah. But a good night sleeps starts with a good pillow. Treat yourself today and start dreaming.


MyPillow has plenty of variation that will allow you to find just the right solution for pillow comfort. The MyPillow color codes are easy to follow and ensure that no matter what your age or sleeping habits MyPillow has a choice for your needs. The design properties set it apart from the competition.

As a bonus, many sleep apnea sufferers who use MyPillow claim that MyPillow complements CPAP machines. Since MyPillow helps align your back and neck, users are much less likely to toss and turn. Tossing and turning, which can twist and pull the CPAP lines, often force CPAP users to turn off the machine or accidentally disconnect it. MyPillow use results in fewer instances of this happening according to testimonials.


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