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How a Salin Plus Salt Therapy Device Can Help You Sleep Better

Salt therapy has been used by humans for all recorded history. Gargling with salt water for a sore throat, taking a salt bath for sore muscles and having a salt scrub as a spa treatment are all well-known and accepted ways that we use salt for health and beauty. Salt is used every day to manage important bodily functions like the balance of fluids and electrolytes.

Inhaling microparticles of salt, also known as Halotherapy, has also been around for centuries as a breathing treatment for those affected by allergy or illness and the accompanying respiratory issues that go with those conditions.

Breathe it in

salt therapy in room

People travel across the world to exotic salt caves to breathe in the salty air microclimate. Salt therapy is like spending a rejuvenating day at the beach, inhaling the sea air. When you consider how many pollutants your lungs are exposed to , it’s easy to see why halotherapy is popular.

It’s free of side effects, and breathing can invigorate your whole body. Spas in the U.S. recreate this atmosphere by building rooms with walls made entirely of salt, offering therapy sessions to benefit people who snore or have trouble sleeping.

Dry salt, free from impurities, is aerosolized while you sit back, relax and breathe regularly several times per week during your Halotherapy treatments. It penetrates the lungs, dries out mucous and helps decrease inflammation in your breathing passages.

Compounding the effectiveness of the treatment, the non-inhaled particles  fall onto your skin and help manage troublesome skin conditions. Mineral salts are moisturizing and have strong rejuvenating properties.

Sleep well

Breathing trouble can limit restorative sleep. Constricted airways can limit the oxygen to your brain, leaving you to wake up tired, groggy and not feeling refreshed. A salt therapy device will distribute tiny, breathable salt particles into your lungs and sinuses as you breathe. The salt breaks up mucus in your airways and eases inflammation, allowing you to sleep peacefully and wake up rested.

Visiting a salt therapy spa several times a week can add up to a huge expense. However, the inconvenience and cost don’t have to be a barrier to treatment. Salin Plus Salt Therapy devices can be used in your home to diffuse dry salt and bring all the benefits of salt therapy to your bedroom.

Salt therapy devices provide all the benefits of salt caves, but in the comfort of your home. Halotherapy devices produce negatively charged dry salt, which means they are attracted to your positively charged inner airways.

Finding relief

Breathing conditions are hard to manage, and home remedies without side effects are a welcome solution. Those living with severe conditions like asthma or COPD can find everyday breathing distressing. Information from the American Lung Association suggests the benefits of salt therapy are relevant to treating these conditions. Salt therapy can offer relief and is a recognized  therapy to help manage the symptoms of respiratory illness.

This ancient treatment promotes respiratory health. It’s an easy, refreshing way to add to your wellness routine and overall health.

The Salin Plus Salt Therapy device will help you breathe better and let you get restful, restorative sleep.

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