TheraSnore Complaints
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TheraSnore Complaints

The TheraSnore device overall is a good anti-snoring solution and has one of the highest rankings in our review lists. The Therasnore sells internationally as a best-selling anti-snoring solution.

The most common complaints by Therasnore customers are:

  • Adjustment Period – it can take weeks before sleeping soundly with the Therasnore. Expect to find that the device has dropped out of your mouth.
  • Saliva Buildup – Excess saliva will be found on your pillow and this could take several weeks to go away.
  • Can’t Swallow – uncomfortable feeling of not being able to swallow takes several days to adjust to.
  • Hard to Snap Together – not easy to get the right setting on snapping the upper and lower tray together. Flimsy device.
  • Long Custom Mold Process – Fifteen step process to get the mold correct. Prior to 2008, a dentist was necessary to custom fit the Therasnore.
  • High Price – Therasnore cost can be well over $100 US, before shipping.

Company Complaints:

  • Shipping Time – shipping time from the UK to USA customers can take several days to weeks.
  • Pricing Discrepancies – Product is sold on different sites online for big price variances.

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