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How to Talk to Your Partner About the Health Risks of Snoring

There is nothing worse than coming home from a hard day’s work, getting ready for bed, hitting the pillow, and then hearing the sound of your loved one snoring.

This frustrating condition can keep you awake all night, affecting your mood, your job performance, and even your marriage.

If snoring has become a problem in your life, here’s how to talk to your partner about the health risks of snoring.

A problem affecting marriages

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Snoring is a relatively common condition that affects many marriages today. While it is okay for you to feel upset because you’ve lost a night’s sleep, the problem with snoring is much deeper.

The most tempting way to approach snoring is to blame the person who is snoring as if it is an intentional act. While you may feel justifiably angry to be woken up by the sound of a snoring loved one, the best way forward is to approach it calmly. If you are woken up by your partner, consider removing yourself quietly so you can at least get some rest.

When you’re calmer, you can begin to tackle the problem. If you start by blaming them, you’ll start a situation which won’t help.

How to open the conversation

The most common way unproductive discussions start is with a focus on you. If you find yourself wanting to express how little sleep you got last night, consider a different approach.  Perhaps the right way to start a conversation is to express worry for your partner. Snoring is a serious condition and can mean they aren’t getting as much oxygen as they should be, or have a serious condition such as sleep apnea.

The best way to start the conversation is to ask your partner how they slept and express you heard them snoring and you’re worried about their breathing patterns. When you’ve gotten a response from them, suggest solutions.

Timing is really important! You don’t want to start a conversation at night. Pick a time during the day when you’re both feeling calm and simply ask how they feel – how easy is that?

Make an action plan together

As soon as you’ve expressed your worries, follow it up with an action plan to reduce snoring. This can mean making an appointment with your doctor, talking to friends who have mentioned they’ve snored in the past, looking online for great reviews of anti snoring devices, and then making a purchase.

The most important thing you can do is continue to express your positive care, interest, and action.

The best thing you can do is start actively working towards reducing snoring the very next night. Get together with your partner, help them through the device’s guides, browse solutions, ensure they follow healthy habits and make sure they follow through with the actions they have said they will do. The more you encourage your partner, the more likely they will find a way to reduce their snoring.

Keep the conversation flowing

While your partner is working towards reducing their snoring habit, make sure you keep the conversation flowing. Ask them how they slept and report back to them about their snoring patterns. If their snoring is too much, you could simply sleep in another room.

Get active in the conversation with them – this will help them recognize triggers, such as alcohol, heavy meals or allergies that create louder snoring patterns. When you work together actively and positively, you can help eliminate snoring for good. If you’ve identified that weight is a complicating factor, why not take a walk together, so you’re taking on healthy snore reducing behaviors like a team?

When you keep the conversation going, you’re likely to experience better sleep as a result, which is excellent feedback to give your partner. Why not celebrate your partner’s achievements?

A great night’s sleep for everyone

The truth is your partner does feel bad for disturbing you with behavior they can’t control. If you keep the conversation positive, calm and focused towards actions, results, and evaluations of what you’ve tried – you are sure to see a great night’s sleep in your future!

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